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5 Ways To Get Your Team Excited About Your Company Vision

As a business owner, you’re so excited about your company, the Vision you have for serving your clients, and the impact you plan on making. 

It can be challenging when you have a team, but they aren’t as excited or as focused on where the company is going as you are. That can feel like you’re in the trenches by yourself and keeps you in a constant state of micromanagement.

I have five tips on how to get your people on board with you and your Vision.

Number 1 is Be Clear About Your Vision.

You have to be super clear about your own Vision. Otherwise, it’s like driving around town without a destination. You know you’re going somewhere, but you don’t know the exact address. And when you don’t have an address, it’s really easy to pass it by or miss it altogether.

We talk about being Visionaries a lot in the entrepreneurial world, but what is a Vision? 

Your Vision is your address. As the leader of your company, creating the Vision for your business is completely 100% in your court. 

A Vision always includes these three things:

 * Mission: Your company’s purpose 

 * Impact: The difference your company will make

 * End Result: How will you recognize when you’ve succeeded?

You need to be super clear about these things BEFORE you can get other people excited to be on your team and work with you to bring your Vision to life. 

Number 2 is Discover and Define Company Values as a Team. 

What are company values anyway? 

Your company values include your business’s ideals, beliefs, ethics, and promises. They codify the company’s relationship to their clients, employees, colleagues, vendors, and what your business stands for. 

Whether you’re aware of it or not, once your company is a few years old, it has also developed unconscious values based on behavior. You can think that you know your company values and that they’re being positively expressed to the world, but often, that’s not the case! Your values need to be consciously discovered (created), defined, and then integrated daily, so they come alive as part of the way you do business. 

The depth and richness of your values code are best served by including your team in the process. As in most things, many sets of eyes are better than one.

Number 3 is Identify Each Individual’s Contribution to the Whole.

Here’s the thing about humans, none of us want to just have a job; we want to feel like we belong to something, that what we’re doing means something and has an impact. We want to know that we’re making a difference. 

Of course, this is true of your team members. Duh! They’re human too!

It’s your responsibility to make sure each person on your team:

➨ Knows they belong and are an important part of the team as a whole. 

➨ Knows how their contribution impacts the Vision and mission of your business. 

➨ Knows how to recognize success for themselves and your company.

Business owners sometimes get confused between compensation and creating a culture of belonging. This thinking goes: “If I pay them, that will satisfy them.” Paying, and paying well with as many benefits as possible, is absolutely important, but it exists separately from being welcoming, inclusive, and fostering an environment of trust and collaboration. 

The key to getting your team working together towards the same outcome, towards the same Vision, is Trust!  You need to believe in them. 

You hired your team not only to do specific tasks but also to do tasks that you can’t do, to be better at things that you’re not good at, to work and excel within their own zone of genius. If you’ve hired well, your people are smarter than you when it comes to their areas of expertise, and you need to believe they are committed to doing their best for the company’s highest good. 

This does not mean letting poor work go unnoticed or abdicating responsibility for project outcomes. Instead, it means being rigorous in the interviewing process to be as certain as possible that the people you hire are perfectly suited to the role you need to fill – and then giving them the freedom to do their best work. 

When your team knows that you trust and believe in them, they feel essential to the company’s success and will give you their very best work.

Number 4 is Support Your Team. 

Once you’ve hired someone to fulfill a specific role, that is not your cue to “leave them to it.” 

Your job moving forward is to give them everything they need, to set them up to win. If you expect your employees just to go off on their own and do their work without adequate preparation and support, don’t be surprised when you find out they’re failing and not a team player.

How to Set Your Team Up for Success from the Start
* Make sure you have a solid onboarding procedure and a comprehensive training program to teach them how your company operates and uplevels any skills they’ll need. 
* Include a detailed conversation outlining mutually agreed upon goals, KPIs, and tracking metrics. The key here is MUTUALLY AGREED UPON. 
* Schedule ongoing appraisal and reassessment conversations 
* Continue to ask if they need anything to succeed.

The idea is to create a container of collaboration. This container is the basis of a culture where everyone feels as if they’re in it together. Making sure you’re supporting your team’s efforts is essential to building the structure of the container!

Number 5 is Acknowledge Everyone’s Contributions.

It’s crucial to acknowledge and recognize everybody’s contributions as they happen. You can’t assume your team knows you appreciate them. You need to show them!

I believe it’s important to use the Five Workplace Love Languages to make sure that each person feels appreciated in a way that they can truly take in.

These are:

➨ Feedback & Mentorship (Words of Affirmation)

➨ Workplace Bonding (Quality Time)

➨ New Opportunities and Challenges (Receiving Gifts)

➨ Support (Acts of Service)

➨ Encouraging Touchpoints (NOT Physical Touch)

Celebration is an important part of Acknowledgement. Don’t keep your excitement to yourself when your business reaches a goal or milestone. As business owners, we often forget that there is no way you could have reached those goals without your team. Spread the joy and celebrate with the entire team. It’s their win too. 

So, to recap, here are The 5 Ways to Get Your Team Excited About Your Vision Are…

  1. Be Clear About Your Vision.
  1. Discover and Define Company Values as a Team. 
  1. Identify Each Individual’s Contribution to the Whole.
  1. Support Your Team.
  1. Acknowledge Everyone’s Contribution.

Here’s to you, your team, and bringing your Vision to life!

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