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Last week I talked about the glorious world of tracking (BTW – did you get your free gift?)

Because this is something a lot of people dread, I wanted to share an inspiring story.

One of my clients, Molly Mahoney , is blowing up right now.

She worked as a professional performer for over a decade and uses those skills to help her clients approach their businesses with confidence.

Specifically, through Facebook Live.

I’m not sure if you have used it…but that can be a little scary the first time in (or the tenth!) and she helps people feel awesome about using it. Pretty cool.

What does this have to do with tracking?

I’m glad you asked! (You’re so smart.)

On one of our recent coaching calls, Molly told me about how she just discovered a messenger automation tool designed to create conversation (not SPAM) on a human level.

This tool allows you to meet and reach out to people you wouldn’t know any other way.

She tracks where her clients come from (remember, she is a client of mine) so when she started trying this out she added it to the tracking system.

It was a huge success for her!

Today, she focuses on that for 30-40% of her day – every day.

Most of us try to force ourselves to limit our Facebook time – but tracking showed her how productive this was for her business.

These conversations are the best way to sales, so she invests her time there instead of doing other things.

And, like I said, she is blowing the roof of the thing.

You can do that too – if you track and find your keys to success.

Bonus story.

This one is mine.

Facebook Messenger isn’t the right path for my business.

I know (from tracking) that flesh and blood networking is my rainbow road.

It is so productive for me.

Even though it takes more time and effort than other ways of connecting.

Those things are often a waste of my time and not worth it.

Let’s say it takes me 6 hours to go to a networking event and do all the things that go along with that.

But, I know I usually get 3-4 leads from that event.

Which lead to 2-3 follow up coffee meetings.

Which usually leads to 1 new client.

Let’s say that is 10 hours of work to get a client – not too shabby.

Spending that same amount of time on social media or postcards don’t do it for me.

I could spend eons on that and never get a client (I know because I’ve tried and tracked).

Now I focus on networking to get clients, and know with absolute confidence that the other stuff isn’t worth the effort.

That frees up my time for more important things – like a glass of wine with my husband.

Speaking of which…that sounds like a damn fine idea!

Until then…stay passionate!

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