The CEO Creation Toolbox is your master key, unlocking the neuroscientific secrets that drive peak performance.

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Mastering the High-Performance Mindset: Your CEO Creation Journey

Your mindset shapes your reality.

Isn’t it about time you started crafting it with intention?

Embrace personal and professional expansion with a groundbreaking approach that melds cutting-edge neuroscience and battle-tested business strategies.

Blending my educational background in neurobiology with over three decades of building businesses and industry leaders, The CEO Creation Toolbox is your key to unlocking the scientifically proven strategies behind peak performance.

Unpacking Your CEO Creation Toolbox: What You Get

Embrace personal and professional expansion with a groundbreaking approach that melds cutting-edge neuroscience and battle-tested business strategies.

Your CEO Creation Toolbox includes:

The CEO Creation Journal

3 months of illuminating insights and step-by-step guidance to help you implement the strategic, habit-building practices that will expand your perspective, elevate your mindset, and revolutionize your business. Your CEO Creation Journal is your personal roadmap.

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Executive Journal Notebook Affirmation Cards
The CEO Declaration Deck

Including 100+ mindset-shifting affirmations, your CEO Declaration Deck has been carefully curated to reveal and rewire your internal narratives around value, worth, wealth, and success. Your CEO Declaration Deck was designed to anchor and inspire your journey of personal and professional growth.

Plus! The CEO Creation Vault
Unlock exclusive access to additional tools and resources that will challenge the way you think and unlock new opportunities to grow your company and yourself.
Executive Journal Notebook on iPad
Your CEO Creation Toolbox guides you through the actionable personal practices you need to master the high-performance mindset and equips you with the tools you need to execute with excellence.

Invest in your internal growth.

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“Dana deeply understands the psychology around behaviors and thought patterns and is great at helping you get out of your own way.”

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Rachel Howard

Chief Cultural Officer of Leading Agile

CEO Creation Toolbox

I’ve distilled decades of expertise into The CEO Creation Toolbox, meticulously crafting a personalized path to empower ambitious business leaders like you. Rooted in cutting-edge neuroscience, it’s designed to help you rewire your brain and redefine success on your own terms, shifting the internal narratives that drive tangible outcomes.

Discover the neuroscientific principles that unconsciously inform your decisions and the strategic actions you take.
Ground your journey in carefully curated, scientifically proven practices that foster personal and professional growth.
Cultivate a deeper sense of self-trust and confidence in your unique approach and expertise.

Release external expectations about how business “should” be done and unlock unexpected opportunities to grow your company and your profit margin.

Reframe your thinking and overcome unconscious beliefs about work, wealth, and success that are undermining your ambitions.

Your CEO Creation Toolbox blends daily reflections with neurological insights, nurturing neural pathways that drive your business brilliance.

It’s time to start writing your own narrative of growth and expansion.

Unlock your full potential as a visionary business leader with The CEO Creation Toolbox – a game-changing tool that blends neuroscience with curated personal practices to unravel internal roadblocks, cultivate a more expansive mindset, and catapult your company to new heights.

Opt-in to expansive growth.

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Your Personal Growth Accelerator

Elevate Your Focus: Watch as objectives crystallize, banishing distractions and paving your path to success.

Unlock Unprecedented Insights: Shift your perspective and unleash your creative genius, igniting a cascade of groundbreaking ideas and solutions.

Cultivate Resilience: Foster a growth mindset and mental fortitude that thrives in adversity and uncover opportunities in the obstacles you face in your life and business.

Nourish Strategic Agility: Nurture an adaptive approach to growth and development so you can navigate the ever-shifting business landscape with confidence and ingenuity.

Your brain is your ultimate competitive edge — it’s time to wield it to its full potential.

You’re standing at a crossroads.

Will you continue with business as usual, or will you take a bold step toward expansive growth?

Curate your success story with intention.

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