You started your business to create more freedom for yourself. Instead, it’s taken over your world.

You’re missing your family, your friends, your life. For all the time and energy you pour into your company, you feel like you have little to show for it.

Your business is bringing money in, but the numbers don’t add up to more than making ends meet. And there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done.

Honestly, you feel like you’re doing everything but the work you set out to do in the first place.

Every time you think you’re starting to make progress, you uncover another piece you’re missing.

Instead of making bold moves, you’re drowning in the details.

You know there’s got to be a better way, but you haven’t found it yet–and you’re starting to wonder if you ever will.

If you’re tired of cobbling the pieces together, you need to lay a foundation you can build on.

The Foundations Framework was designed to guide you through the essential best practices you need to get some ground under your feet and move forward.

“Dana delivers value, pure and simple. Her talks and workshops are full of powerful frameworks and provocative ideas for change. Participants love her honesty and her humble boldness to help them achieve the transformation they seek.”

Jason Preston
Cofounder of Dent The Future Conference

With a background in neurobiology and over thirty years of building businesses and mentoring industry leaders, I’ve cultivated a unique context for understanding what companies and business owners need to thrive.

The Foundations Framework

This new program is rooted in the fundamental tools and practices I’ve used for the last decade. These tools help hundreds of six and seven-figure business owners create more profitability for their companies while carving out more personal and professional freedom for themselves.

By applying the same essential principles to your business, I’ll help you overcome the obstacles that have been keeping you stuck. Then we’ll lay the foundation you need to grow your company and achieve your goals.

This self-directed, twelve-week course is a three-phase journey in essential time management, financial strategy, and leadership practices.

Weekly Guided Exercises

I’ll walk you step-by-step through a strategic business process or reflective personal practice to overcome operational obstacles and bring more clarity to your next steps.

A Private Community Space

A dedicated forum where you can ask questions, get guidance from me, and connect with other driven business owners on the same journey of personal and professional growth.

3 Live Group Coaching Sessions

Ask me anything and get in-the-moment support where you and your business need it most. (Plus, you’ll get the replays from all our Q&A sessions, so even if you can’t join us live, you won’t miss any insights.)

Exclusive Access to The Foundations Framework Archives

Get my recommended reading list for audacious entrepreneurs and additional resources to empower your journey.

Built-In Breathing Room

The final week of each phase is dedicated to integration. Instead of our regular weekly schedule, you’ll have the time and space you need to process and implement what you’re learning along the way. While you’re taking strategic action in your business, I’ll be available through the community platform to answer questions and offer support.

Blending strategic business action with scientifically-proven personal growth practices, this course empowers entrepreneurs to create sustainable success on their own terms. My comprehensive, systematic approach is completely customizable, so you can develop systems and solutions tailored to meet your personal and professional needs.

Are you ready to stop cobbling the pieces of your business together?

We will begin again in September 2023. 

The Blueprint

On this entrepreneurial adventure, we’ll dedicate four weeks to each of the three pillars of business — Time, Money, and Leadership.

For the first three weeks of each pillar, you’ll get:

An email sharing the theme, schedule, and an intentional affirmation at the beginning of each week.

A weekly guided exercise where I walk you step-by-step through a strategic business process or reflective personal practice .

A weekly resource or recommended reading for additional support and insights.

Daily prompts and reminders in our exclusive community space on the course platform.

A weekly Q & A thread where you can ask me questions and get help with our weekly practice.

During the third week of each pillar, I’ll host a Live Q&A video session on Zoom.

On Thursday from 9 AM PST to 11 AM PST we’ll connect as a community and you can get some coaching. This is your chance to infuse your journey with expert guidance and in-the-moment support along the way. Ask me anything! (If you can’t make it live, you will have the opportunity to submit questions before each session, so you can still get some personalized support from me. Session replays will also be posted on our course platform so you can watch or rewatch them whenever it works for you.)

To ensure you have time and space to process and implement this work, the fourth week of each pillar is dedicated integration time.

There will be no lessons or daily prompts during these weeks, though you will receive the occasional encouraging or inspiring word from yours truly.

And if you ever need support, you’re always welcome to reach out in our community space, no matter what phase we’re in!

When you join The Foundations Framework, you don’t have to do it all alone anymore.

“The past 3 months I’ve had the great fortune of calling Dana my coach have been the most productive of my entire business. Her ideas, input, thoughts and insights are S0 spot-on and helpful, and knowing someone believes in me is more motivating than I ever thought it could be. I’m learning so much and growing so fast, all because of Dana.

I now have systems in place, clear action steps for each day, and am laser focused on what my product offering is and how to get it to the right market. In fact, in the past TWO days, I got THREE new wholesale account orders, in an amount equaling my second-highest revenue month last year! And that’s only in the past 2 days! Dana is amazing.

Jenn Sturiale
Jenn Sturiale | Founder & Owner of Poco Pet

The Foundations Framework was made for you if you’re a business owner and:


You don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done

You’ve survived the start-up phase, but you’re struggling to increase revenue and grow your profit margin
You’re constantly getting distracted by the day-to-day details instead of doing the work you want to do
You know your company has potential to grow, you just can’t see the way forward
You want to achieve your goals as quickly as possible, and you know there are essential systems you need to put in place to sustain that growth
You want to elevate your leadership so that you can communicate more clearly and delegate more effectively
You’re ready to do the internal personal work necessary to grow yourself and your business to the next level

The entrepreneurial adventure begins again in September 2023.

Are you coming?

“If you’re like me, you’re looking for HARD EVIDENCE regarding what you’ll get from working with Dana. While I can’t tell you exactly what magic she’ll spin for you, I CAN tell you that I saw a 30% increase in profit, achieved a much healthier monthly income-to expenses-ratio, and went from feeling like my business was running ME to confidently knowing that I was running my business.

Dana gets into the trenches with you and provides insights that, quite honestly, I was blind to. It’s like having a personal expert who is helping you improve your business operations, client relationships, AND mental health, all rolled into one!

If you’re on the fence about making the investment, take it from a fellow skeptic- working with Dana has irrevocably changed my business for the better and put me on a path to success.”

Angela Bryant

Owner & Principal, Nest-Egg Digital

What would change in your life and your business if you spent the next three months implementing the best practices you need to get your company on solid ground?

The Foundations Framework combines written exercises, somatic practices, and strategic business actions to make you and your business more efficient and more effective.

Learn how to:

Manage your schedule to make the clock work for you, not against you.

Make your numbers make sense, so you can start making real profits.
Clarify your goals and the next steps that will take you there.
Improve your communication skills and set clear expectations.
Hack your brain and become the leader you want to be.

Stop cobbling the pieces together and lay a foundation for sustainable business success.

Join the waitlist for the next session.

“Dana has helped me focus in on the activities that will grow my business without exhausting myself. I felt I was spinning my wheels so much of the time. Now I have good systems in place.”

Tiffany Thoen

RN, MEDXPRIME Certified Trainer

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