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Get What You Want… Without Struggle, Agony, Or Guilt (Step 2)

Continuing from last week’s DOD…

What to do when you realize what you have isn’t what you want… and how to get it.

To be clear, this applies to all areas of your life…

  • relationships
  • business
  • career
  • heath
  • self-care
  • happiness
  • success

Let’s dive right in…

Now that you have a great vision and know what needs to change, It’s important to set yourself up for success.

And by success I mean, get what you want out of the area of life you’re focusing on.

But before I get ahead of myself, you’ll need this:

A long, long time ago, in a far away land lived a girl…

She dreamed all day long of a life filled with love, a life filled with passion, a life of fulfillment. She would lie awake at night wondering if there was something more for her, something BIGGER…

It wasn’t that she didn’t love her life. She did. She felt grateful for her family, friends, and loved ones. Her job as a milk maid paid the bills and she was in no way “poor”. She knew she had it far better than most people in her village, but…

Still she felt a deep feeling that she was meant for something greater…

One day, as she was checking her mailbox (she had a pen pal in Calcutta), she noticed something different…

It caught her eye and even frightened her.

There inside her mailbox sat a little green fairy…

A fairy that would later reveal that she was the girl’s fairy godmother here to help her transform her life into her own fairy tale – happy ending and all.

Anyway, this girl was no fool. She had heard of witches and warlocks playing tricks on people, but this fairy didn’t “put off any sleazy vibes.”

In fact…

She actually made the girl feel really good about herself and super supported. Made her feel like her dreams weren’t just fantasies, but premonitions, so…

For the next few weeks the girl went to her mailbox every day to visit the fairy. She listened to everything her fairy godmother had to say.

The fairy gave her valuable actionable advice and guidance that could change her life, but the girl never did anything with this advice until one day…

She knew something was different that day as she approached her mailbox. She could feel it in her heart and in her bones. She had listened for days, weeks, months (she couldn’t remember) to the fairy’s advice, but never fully acted upon it.

(She was scared)

But today was different…

Today the fairy had no guidance to give the girl. Instead…

The fairy had a request:

“Every day for the past days, weeks, months (the fairy couldn’t remember either), I’ve freely given you advice. I’ve lived in this mailbox for what seems like years sharing my guidance and hard won lessons. You’ve listen diligently and loyally, but I’m curious…

Why haven’t you implemented any of the advice I’ve given you?

The girl, stunned at the fairy’s question, thought for a moment and then replied… “Fairy Godmother, I love all of the guidance you’ve shared with me. I soak up every word, but it does me know good in real life. You see, we’re different, you and I…

I don’t have wings like you do to support me and take me to far far away places. I don’t have pixie dust to bring my gifts to life. I don’t have years and years to travel around the world learning from the great masters like you do…”

The Fairy Godmother stopped the girl in her tracks, looked her in her almost defeated eyes and said…

“Oh, but dear, you never asked.”

A single tear ran down the girls cheek…

Her Fairy Godmother was right. She had never asked for help from the fairy.

The girl took a deep breath, rolled her shoulders back, opened her heart and asked…

“Fairy Godmother, will you help me and guide me to my biggest dreams? To help me reach my great aspirations and wishes?”

The Fairy Godmother, for the first time since the girl met her, flew out of the mailbox…

Landed in the palm of the girl’s hand and said…

“Your wish is my command.”

Good story, eh?

True one too! (Okay, okay, probably not. It’s highly unlikely the girl had a pen pal…)

Tall Tale or not, it packs a powerful message and your second step to getting what you want (especially after you realize what you want has changed).

What’s the message?

Did you get it?

If not, shoot me an email and ask.

Until then… stay passionate!

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  1. Marla Ernest

    I know, I know. I always respond to your posts, because I love them so much. I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about what I want. Maybe it’s because I’ve had to face my own mortality this past year. Maybe it’s because I’ve had to switch positions at work at an inhuman rate. Maybe it’s just the right time. Here’s what I want Dana, and I’m asking for help. Where do I start? Where do I find resources? How do I make the time to make all of this happen? Finally! I’ve figured out what I want. Took me long enough. : )


    1. Be my own boss.
    2. Be a famous blogger.
    3. Sell my art and make a profit.
    4. Write and publish a book.
    5. Make $100,000 in one year.
    6. Write and publish a children’s book.
    7. Sell my books and make a profit.
    8. Be an extra in a movie.
    9. Publish my poems.
    10. Speak at a women’s conference.
    11. Host a creative workshop.
    12. Start my Snatch Ts company,
    13. Make $1 million in one year.

    14. Have $1 million dollars in savings.
    15. Have $2 million dollar net worth when I retire.
    16. Pay off my student loans.
    17. Pay off all debts.
    18. Have a credit score over 700.
    19. Fund a child of a breast cancer patient through college.
    20. Create a scholarship for a teen with a mental/emotional disorder in Janie’s name.


    21. Hike 240 trails.
    22. Run 40 5ks.
    23. Maintain my weight.
    24. Practice meditation daily.
    25. Practice yoga.
    26. Run 3 days per week.
    27. Strength train 2 days a week.
    28. Eat healthy.
    29. Become an early morning runner.
    30. Weigh 120 lbs.


    31. Make memories with my grandchildren.
    32. See or talk to my kids once a week.
    33. See all 3 of my children become independent adults (2 down.
    Baby is still a teenager.)
    34. Have mother/daughter dates with Janie monthly.
    35. Marry my love.
    36. Have mother/son dates with Ian monthly.
    37. Have mother/daughter dates with my mom monthly.
    38. Visit with my dad (or parents) monthly.
    39. Support my kids in their dreams.
    40. Take care of my parents.


    41. Make a river bed front yard.
    42. Create a family oasis in the backyard.
    43. Remodel my home.
    44. Build a pub in my house.
    45. Only clean 3 days a week.
    46. Have a professional yard keeper.


    47. Learn to weld.
    48. Learn to ride a motorcycle.
    49. Learn about metaphysics.
    50. Learn to speak Spanish fluently.
    51. Learn to read Tarot cards.
    52. Learn to read auras.
    53. Learn how to take ad worthy photos.
    54. Learn about the ancient Pagan religion of my ancestors.


    55. Travel to Ireland.
    56. Travel to Wales.
    57. Travel to the deep south.
    58. Visit my friend, Dana, in Arkansas.
    59. Visit my friend, Lucia, in Florida.
    60. Visit my friend, Leah, in North Carolina.
    61. Visit my friend, Rebecca, in Colorado.
    62. Go to 1 Dodger game a year.
    63. See the Cincinnati Bengals play in their home area.
    62. Travel to a Greek Isle.
    64. Visit Gettysburgh.
    65. Visit 100 haunted locations.
    66. Travel to Hawaii and hike.
    67. Spend time in Mexico learning to speak Spanish.
    68. Zip Line over Fremont Street in Las Vegas.
    69. Attend Hot August Nights in Reno.
    70. Go to the Pomona Swap Meet.
    71. Explore an abandoned castle.
    72. Go to a NASCAR race.
    73. Travel to South Carolina.
    74. Travel to New England during the Fall and be there for Halloween.
    75. Go on at least one vacation a year every year.


    76. Own a trike.
    77. Own a retro trailer.
    78. Be queen of our Red Hat group.
    79. Go to live concerts whenever possible.
    * Shinedown
    * Rob Zombie
    * Slipknot
    * Korn (again)
    * Marilyn Manson
    * Audioslave (again)
    80. Develop my intuition.
    81. Do everything I’ve pinned on Pinterest.
    * Art projects
    * Date night ideas
    * Home improvement projects
    * Gardening ideas
    * Recipes
    * Kayden dates
    82. Kayak.
    83. Own a 1970 Cuda
    84. Motivate and inspire beast cancer patients/survivors.
    85. Motivate and inspire families dealing with loved ones who have
    mental health issues.
    86. Own a piano.
    87. Appear in a breast cancer awareness ad.
    88. Have a huge 50th birthday party.
    89. Meet the following personalities:
    * Richard Sherman
    * Donald Trump
    * Jonathan Davis
    90. Go ghost hunting.
    91. Receive a full psychic reading.
    92. Live to be 90+ years old.
    93. Trace my genealogy.
    94. Receive life coaching from Dana Corey.
    95. Attend a book signing.
    96. Own a Range Rover.
    97. Help 10 people accomplish a life goal.
    98. Mentor 5 teens once I no longer work for a school district.
    99. Own a houseboat.
    100. Get a sacral massage.
    101. Get a deep tissue massage.
    102. Make time for myself every day.

    • Dana

      Hi Marla,

      I love that you respond every week.

      A couple of ways I could help:
      1. We could set up a time for me to coach you. This would be a gift and would be 2 hours. If you want to do this, email me at
      2. You could start by answering this question: What is keeping me from having what I want?

      You choose.

      Big Love and Hugs,


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