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How To Make Halloween Terrifyingly GOOOD For Your Business…

When was the last time you dressed up for Halloween?

Last year? High school? Middle school?

Well, no matter how long it’s been, I’ve got a great idea for you this year, AND…

…Stay with me here…

This idea will actually make you a more confident, powerful business owner.

Here it is:

You know how children dress up as their favorite action heroes or super heroes or super stars for Halloween… And how for one entire night they get to pretend they are their own hero…?

Well, this year I’ve got an idea.

See, once you become a business owner – an entrepreneur – you start noticing new things about certain people.

Things like…

–> Jessica Alba is a super savvy business owner and a kick a$$ leader

–> Beyonce is the queen of Confidence

–> Oprah is the master at connecting with people and getting the truth out to the masses

–> Ellen DeGeneres is proof you can have a wildly successful business (I’m talking Billions!) without having to cave to mainstream media hype and drama

–> Barbara Streisand exudes the grace & ease we’d all like to feel in our business

–> And a ton more, but…

I think you get what I’m saying.

You start to look up to these people for their ethical business practices, their powerful leadership skills, their grace & confidence.


This year, sprinkled among the spooky costumes and jack-o-lanterns, I think all of us female entrepreneurs should follow our children’s lead and dress up as OUR business & leadership super heroes.

Let’s spend one entire night feeling “Beyonce Confident” (or whoever your super hero is).

Let’s tap into those powerful women’s powers.

Let’s let ourselves feel confident, graceful, kick a$$, and wildly successful!

Because the more we let ourselves feel it, the quicker we become it.

Have a Happy Halloween and post in the comments below and let me know who your super hero is. Oh! And who you’re dressing up as for Halloween.

Until then… stay passionate!

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