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I’m Changing My Ways

Have you ever done something you thought you were going to love.

That was in perfect alignment with what you should do.

Seemed like the logical next step.

And felt like it would be fulfilling.

Only to find out that it wasn’t quite what you expected?

And it didn’t live up to your expectations?

And even though others loved it…

You knew in your gut it wasn’t right for you?

Recently, I got to this point in my business.

In 2015 I started a program – BS Academy – which checked all the boxes of what I should do.

Everyone said that in order for a business to grow, you need to transition to a one-to-many model.

They said one-on-one couldn’t work because I am hampered by my own time.

So I tried it.

But, I knew it wasn’t working.

You see, I believe the highest probability of the deepest transformation occurs one-on-one in an intimate conversation over time.

BS Academy, while it was a small group, wasn’t the intimate conversation I was looking for.

But I knew that space was where my genius lies.

I struggled with a question for what seemed like ages:

Should I do what I know is right for me or what smart people told me to do?

BS Academy was great.

People loved it and it had an impact on those who participated in it.

But it felt draining to me.

And, if you own a business, you damn well better love what you are doing.

I had to try it the way everyone told me to do it first, in order to discover that it wasn’t going to work for me.

So often entrepreneurs are afraid to trust their gut.

Afraid to do things that are so out of the box.

Perhaps this stems from the fear of not being successful.

Perhaps it is because we have our businesses to make money and we want to follow the path of least resistance (which someone has already paved for us) to get there.

But, there comes a time for every business (in some cases more than one) when it just doesn’t feel right.

That thing – whatever it is – that works for everyone else…

It isn’t going to work for you.

When I came to this impasse, I trusted my gut. And I am so happy I did.

If I kept going down the path I should be on, it wouldn’t have been coming from my heart. And I know that would never have worked in the long run.

It was scary – it still is a little scary – but I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


P.S. Tell us about your life changing business moment in the comments – I can’t wait to be inspired by you!

Until then… stay passionate!

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  1. delaram

    Thanks for sharing your gut Dana! One size fits all/ script does not work in all types of heart based businesses! Glad to be part of your first BS academy! Love, Delaram

    • Dana

      Thanks for jumping in!

      Big Love,


  2. Amy Troute

    I spent 2015 doubling the size of my 12-year old small business with new employees and new processes – a goal I’d given myself years before. Not that it wasn’t successful, it was – just not the level of success I was used to… and it was a major strain on me personally and financially. The shift back to my passion, my “genius,” in January 2016 was epic… closing doors that weren’t providing and opening those that truly feed me and my business. I couldn’t be happier (and have never been better off financially). Running my own business is a gift I have given myself… my Gut is my boss and my heart is happy.

    Thanks, Dana, for always inspiring and inviting others to share in your genius!!

    • Dana


      I’m so, so happy to hear this! You are a Rockstar!


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