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I’m Done With The Client Acquisition Game

As much as I love sales,

I’m tired of the client acquisition game.

I don’t know about you…

But I am getting pretty sick of constantly worrying about where my next client is coming from.

So, I figured out a way to drop that worry and stop focusing on acquiring new clients.

They are finding me.

And you can do it too…

Narrowing my focus is helping my ideal clients find me.

I’ve been in business for nearly three years.

And in that time, I have discovered who my best clients are.

They are the ones who understand that a relationship with me is longer term.

They sign up for a year at a time, but they know the relationship will last longer than that.

Now, I am only doing one-on-one work with entrepreneurs.

These are men and women who have successfully created a job for themselves.

They’ve navigated that first step of entrepreneurship (creating a job for yourself so you get paid).

My clients have found that this job – while it gives them time and sometimes location flexibility – still causes them to feel trapped.

They don’t have the freedom they were committed to when they started their companies.

The freedom is elusive.

They feel enslaved to the job they have created.

Why am I the right person to work with them?

Because this is my unique brilliance – where I shine.

I can help them see past the burden and into a future that exceeds their original dream.

When we first start, I ask them about their dream state.

And I can tell you one thing…

With each and every person, what becomes possible after that first year is completely invisible to them in the beginning.

It is too big for them to comprehend – or believe in.

But they achieve it.

What was completely impossible at the beginning becomes, “Oh, I did that.”

And then, we start on the next “It’s impossible” dream.

I have found what I love to do – and it helps people achieve their dreams.

Why would I spend time doing anything other than that?

P.S. Have you found your unique brilliance in this world? Please share it in the comments.

Until then… stay passionate!

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