My clients consistently achieve extraordinary results.

When my high impact coaching is combined with my client’s brilliance and determination – magic happens.

Here are a few of the ingredients in my recipe for success:

I only work with a handful of business owners who are ready to make a significant investment of time and money in themselves and their businesses. This allows me to give them the personal support and laser focused attention they deserve.
I have decades of experience building businesses and coaching industry leaders, giving me a unique context for what different businesses need to thrive – including yours.
I am the best business partner you’ll ever have without a financial stake in your business. Why? I am not afraid to tell you what to do. When your business is on the line, you don’t have the time or the energy to think about what to do next. You need to spend your time and energy doing it.

“Dana is great at helping entrepreneurs navigate the tough situations that come up in business. Love working with her!”

Claire Guarino


Curious about my clients and the specific steps they took to reach their most ambitious goals? I’ll let them speak for themselves.

“In the 12 months I invested in Dana (the 11th year of my career), she worked through countless uncertainties with me, taught me to trust my instincts in business, and in general to take the risks necessary to move forward.

She helped me see that I knew what I was doing, despite doubts, despite the negative thoughts that plague any entrepreneur or business owner. She agreed with me when I was right, pushed me when I doubted myself, and when I was wrong, she told me.

Amy Troute

Amy Troute Inspired Interior Design

“Your clients feel truly SEEN – and not just seen, but ACCEPTED – not just accepted but literally EMBRACED for who they are and that they have permission to succeed without changing themselves. And yet, they also acknowledge they feel like a different person after working with you. You have a gift that goes beyond just strategic coaching.”

Michelle Shaeffer

Pro Blogger |

My Clients are Dedicated. Smart. Savvy. Go-Getters.

Here are just a few of the incredible businesses I’ve achieved results for:

Allison Ullmer
Ringed PDX

Business Coaching Services Client Rob Boyer

Rob Boyer
Narthex Properties

Amy Troute
Inspired Interior Design

Business Coaching Services Client Angela Bryant

Angela Bryant
Nest-Egg Digital

Business Coaching Services Client Anne Hubatch

Anne Hubatch
Helioterra Wines

Business Coaching Services Client Hope Beraka

Hope Beraka
Think Real Estate

Business Coaching Services Client Michael Krol

Michael Krol

Business Coaching Services Client Anne Hubatch

Abbi Wood
Wordsmith |

Business Coaching Services Client Hope Beraka

Jenn Sturiale
Poco Pet

Business Coaching Services Client Jennifer Lankford

Jennifer Lankford
Lankford Communications

Business Coaching Services Client Dr. Nicholas McBride

Dr. Nicholas McBride
Crestview Chiropractic

Business Coaching Services Client Jennifer Ruwart

Jennifer Ruwart
Roger That Agency

Business Coaching Services Client Nathanael Miller

Nathanael Miller
Innovyz USA

Business Coaching Services Client Jennifer Buchanon

Jen Buchanon
Massage & Spa at Bethany

Business Coaching Services Client Alphonse Goettler

Alphonse Goettler

Business Coaching Services Client Lauren Goche

Lauren Goché
Think Realty

Business Coaching Services Client Lis Martin & Jen Depakakibo

Lis M. & Jen D.
Statement Agency

Business Coaching Services Client Molly Gartrell

Molly Gartrell Earle
The Gartrell Group

Business Coaching Services Client Morgan Graham

Morgan Graham
Experiences for Mankind

Business Coaching Services Client Rodelee Roda

Rodelee Roda
Adored Vintage

Business Coaching Services Client Sheda Dikeman

Sheda Dikeman
Serenity Home Care

Business Coaching Services Client Tracey Hicks

Tracey Hicks
All Things Real Estate

Business Coaching Services Client Virginia Joplin

Virginia Joplin

Business Coaching Services Client Wendy Votroubek

Wendy Votroubek
Legal Nurse PDX

“I joined Dana with the aim of thinking about my business differently, most specifically the business model, how I engaged with clients and partners, and revenue potential. I wanted to be challenged, but I did not know how to frame it, what the outcome looked like or how I would even begin the dialogue. My experience with Dana proved to be helpful in all three of those areas. Through in depth conversation, checking assumptions, and some testy homework assignments, I dug into ways of working differently and establishing thresholds of engagement with clients and partners.
In the end, this also meant asking what my own thresholds are in terms of running a professional business. The experience opened up possibilities I did not expect, but were made real.”
Andrea Umbach
Umbach Leadership

A Taste of My Clients’ Successes:

“I was able to get a better mindset and perspective. My team grew and my income tripled working with Dana.”

Michael Knouse

Michael Knouse Coaching

We modified Michael’s business model to meet his needs and better serve his clients. He learned how to identify and connect with a higher-end client and got better at client enrollment. His income doubled in 6 months – even though he was only working three weeks every month.

Another client, Claire, felt like she was getting lost in the details of her business. I helped her put systems in place, change up her marketing strategy, hire an assistant, and stop piddling around with small projects.

She was able to take on bigger, more lucrative projects, money stopped leaking and started flowing, and her business went from bankruptcy to seven figures in less than two years.

Angela came to work with me because she was pouring all of her time and energy into her business, but she wasn’t making enough to show for her efforts. Not only did we increase her revenue and double her profitability, she’s positioned to double it again next year.

Best of all, her company is finally making enough to match the lucrative corporate salary she left behind to start her business. Now Angela only works four hours a day, doing the client-facing work she wanted to be doing all along.

“In 2020 I came to a crossroads in my business, I needed to either choose to stay small, turn away new clients and be happy working on my own. Or I needed to build a team so that I could continue to grow the business, serve new clients and take a vacation occasionally.

I took the leap and am so glad I had Dana to walk beside me as I navigated this big transition.

Now I have a team of two bookkeepers and a VA to support some of my Admin tasks. I’ve doubled my monthly revenues! I’ve implemented systems that help me delegate and trust my team has what they need to succeed.
And in my personal life (cause it’s all connected) I’m taking vacations, short days to be with my kids and scheduling date nights with my husband!

Best of all, as my business grows, and I hit new bumps in the road, I’m able to call upon some of the tools I learned last year or last quarter to help assess and troubleshoot today’s fears or issues. Absolutely worth the investment!

There are so few people in our lives that will truly see us and our business without bias and tell us what we need to hear. Dana does that, with patience, love and the occasional swear word if I need to hear it! I am so grateful.”

Lisa Najdek

Evergreen Bookkeeping LLC

“Dana, the past 3 months I’ve had the great fortune of calling you my coach have been the most productive of my entire business. Your ideas, input, thoughts and insights are SO spot-on and helpful, and knowing someone believes in me is more motivating than I ever thought it could be. I’m learning so much and growing so fast, all because of you.

I now have systems in place, clear action steps for each day, and am laser focused on what my product offering is and how to get it to the right market. In fact, in the past TWO days I got THREE new wholesale account orders, in an amount equaling my second highest revenue month last year! And that’s only in the past 2 days! You are amazing.”

Jenn Sturiale

Poco Pet

Want to know what kind of results we could create in your business?

“As a solopreneur I wear many hats. I find myself good at a few of them and often needing direction in others. Having Dana help me both strategically with how to grow and be profitable, but also with some basics, like mind-set and finances. She helped me define clear goals and what to do if met or not met. Dana seems to know everyone and everything! She helps me with so many difterent aspects of my business that I won’t sit idle again wondering what direction to go in! I can’t thank Dana enough for her optimism, insight, education, ideas and most of all her enthusiasm.”

Alphonse Goettler