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Increase your sales by 400%

How would you feel if you had a 400% sales increase?

Think of what you sold last year…

Would you like to do that same volume in the next quarter?

How much more could you do in your business if you maintained that level for two quarters?

For the next year?

What would you invest in?

This may seem like a pipe dream, but it’s not…

Jeany saw this happen after joining my Galvanize Circles.


Those are some damn amazing results!

And this isn’t a one-off.

Jennifer came into the Circles with a huge dream that was weighing on her spirit.

One that many of us struggle with:

She wanted to create a scalable business model paired with a solid sales strategy.

Picture it – your business growing so you can earn revenue even when you aren’t physically working (this is the third level of freedom  I talked about last month).

That means a life of fabulous vacations.

A business presence that precedes you.

Don’t you want to make money even when you aren’t doing anything?

Galvanize Circles allowed Jennifer to create her dream program.

If you are ready to be reenergized about your business…

If you are ready to learn how to focus your time and energy into the right areas so you can maximize your income…

If you are ready to make your business practices more efficient…

It’s time to Galvanize.

The next groups start in a month, and – trust me – you need to claim your spot now.

Even if every spot was available (and they won’t be) there are only 14 total.

If past Circle sign-ups are any indication, at least half of the prior Galvanizers will sign up again (they get first right of refusal).

That leaves us with a max of 7 spots available.

But last month I encouraged people to reach out to me to get their names on the wait list – so there are even less than that left!

Now that registration is open  for September, you don’t want to wait.

Claim your spot today before it is gone.

Think of all you could accomplish in the next six months, just like Jeany and Jennifer.

What amazing things will Galvanize do for you? It’s time to find out.

Until then…stay passionate!


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