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Is Being Nice Ruining Your Life?

If you bumped into someone you hadn’t seen since high school at the grocery store and they asked you “How’s life?“…

How would you respond?

Would you:

(A) Smile politely, look down at the floor, look back up and say “Life is good, you know… Life turned out pretty nice.”


(B) Get filled with an instant rush of joy and happiness- your eyes brightening- and say “My life is remarkable. I don’t even know where to begin…”

I don’t know which you picked, but I can sure as hell tell you I will never say “Life turned out pretty nice.”

Out of the question.

My life is built around my dream of being my brightest, strongest, happiest, most successful, and most independent self. Nice just doesn’t cut it for me and it shouldn’t for you either IF…

• You own (or dream of owning) your own business
• You have a dream job or career that you’re determined to land and keep.
• You seek more freedom, more happiness, more joy, more success, more connection in your life
• You know (and have always known) there is something more pulling you that is so much MORE, so much BIGGER than nice…

Look, I’m not saying you should start living like me, be a coach like me, and do everything like me.

I think you should do whatever you want. Where ever you want. I don’t judge.

Maybe you have a dream of traveling the world and you want a fulfilling job that allows you to that. There are tons of options. In fact, here’s a short list…

1 Web designer
2 Photographer
3 Balloon Artist
4 Communications Specialist
5 Consultant
6 Coach <–okay, that’s me, but you don’t have to be one if you don’t want.
7 Writer
8 Author
9 Brand/logo designers
10 Graphic designer
11 Business Analyst
12 Insurance agent
13 Virtual Assistant

I know what you’re thinking…

But, there IS a big demand for high-end balloon artists. (Don’t believe me? See for yourself on this artist’s blog). Like I said before, I don’t judge.

Anyway, it all boils downs to this:

If you’ve got a BIG HEART and you want a BIG LIFE, you can without a doubt have the BIG INDEPENDENCE you want with the BIG MONEY that does follow.

You do not have to settle for a nice life when your heart is pulling you toward a remarkable one.

At least, that’s been my experience.

And I’ve got 5 tips that I’d like to share with you on how to have your most remarkable life. You interested?


5 No-Nice Tips For A Remarkable Life:

#1: Find A Hobby, Craft, Or Activity That Makes You Feel Alive And Become The Best You Can Be At It

#2: Find A Job, Career, Or Business That Excites You And Go After It

#3: Surround Yourself With People, Places, And Things That Support & Lift You And Let Go Of Those That Don’t

#4: Never Ever Stop Learning & Experiencing New Things

#5: Pursue More Happiness And Pursue It Until You Can’t Pursue It No More.

What do you think? Are you living your most remarkable life? Let me know in the comments below.

Until then… stay passionate!

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  1. Marla

    I will never put my life into the “nice” category again. I do believe my life is remarkable, and it gets more amazing every day. I can’t wait for someone to ask me this questions so that I can take your advice and voice how truly wonderful my life is. Thank you, Dana! You always make my day!

    • Dana


      You ARE Remarkable!! Brave and full of spunk!

      Big Love to you!!


  2. Catherine

    Loved the post! I became a balloon artist because I needed a second job thanks to a dear friend. I knew nothing and had to practice and learn from videos and pop a whole lot of balloons pushing through the fear barrier. Now five years later, I am one of the top artists in my company and found my way thanks to a leap of faith. I now have a passion which feeds my soul and brings joy to others.

    • Dana


      What a fabulous skill and avocation! I love that you’re passionate about balloon artistry. <3

      Big Love,


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