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Last, But Not Least…

I love systems so much!


Sometimes Alan gets jealous.

Just kidding!

Or am I…?

Anyway, I have dedicated a few weeks to systems and productivity.

This week, I am going to share with you the last system I talk to all my clients about.

It might be the most important one.


Because it is all about money.

Setting up a financial system is so key to any business.

You need this so you can track exactly where you are at.


Projected money.

Collected money.



If you don’t have systems in place to track your finances…it’s a recipe for disaster.

You need a finance tracking system.

A finance tracking system is essential to any business.

Without it, you can’t know if you are actually making any money.

And, you need a system to understand your trends.

Do you know if your lull in sales is due to seasonality or a sign of a bigger change?

If you had a tracking system in place – you would.

Similar to the other systems, you want to have this set up many months in advance.

You should know what money is coming in when.

Do you need to pad your sales to make up for a lull in production coming soon?

Can you afford to take that vacation?

Or go to that conference you’ve been dying to attend?

Do you know when you can hire that coach you need?

A financial system would help you plan and project for those things.

And once you know what is coming…what to prepare for…how you are actually doing…

Everything else becomes a little bit clearer. A little easier.

Do you have a system you love and couldn’t live without? Please share it in the comments!


Until then…stay passionate!

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