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Let’s Get In Our Pajamas And Drink Wine

I don’t know about you…

But sometimes, there is nothing better than:

Getting into my pajamas…

Pouring a glass (or two) of wine…

And chatting with the girls.

I love finding women that inspire me and spending time talking with them.

Laughing, building our lives and businesses…

These relationships make life worth living – and make businesses stronger.

And I wanted more of them…

So, naturally, I started a book club.

Back in January, I got this fantastic idea to start a book club.

It was specifically for women entrepreneurs with a revenue of at least 6 figures, who were comfortable being on camera (since we live all over).

I was amazed that within two hours of putting out the request, I had filled a book club with 10 amazing ladies.

This club is filled with 6 and 7 figure women from all different businesses.

Some are service-oriented and others are brick and mortar.

Some work in retail – others in agriculture.

Each month we talk about the challenges and perspectives we have on business from all these different angles.

But what I find remarkable is how business is business.

And women are women.

It always starts off the same way…

We have a topic each month, and I offer a list of 4 or 5 potential books.

Everyone promises to read at least 1, some people read 2.

I put out some questions each time, but it truly fascinates me…

The topic always goes back to our own personal experience, how the item of discussion shows up in our personal lives – and in our businesses.

This club has turned into a very safe space.

It is a wonderful time where these strong, fascinating women get support and reveal themselves.

They can be vulnerable and tackle some of their biggest challenges.

I truly love being a part of this book club.

It gives me energy and a lot of inspiration.

And, I know the members all feel that way too.

So, in September, I think I am going to do another one. Interested? Let me know in the comments or send me an email.

Until then… stay passionate!






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