Nourish Dinners ®

Delicious Conversations. Deep Connections.

Cultivate Authentic Connection

There’s something about breaking bread together that fosters community. A luxurious meal becomes a conversation that lingers into the night. Emotions become the drink of the hour as stories and laughter flow freely. Time stands still, intoxicated with possibilities. This is what life, business, and Nourish Dinners® are all about — relationships. This is the underlying thread woven through these events…creating connections that reach beyond the front door, building community, and forging a network of personal and professional support that remains long after the last course has been cleared. That’s why I created Nourish Dinners® in the first place. To create meaningful relationships between driven entrepreneurs who are so aligned that simply coming together to share a meal builds a bond not easily broken. Nourish Dinners® is a community dining experience, heart-crafted from scratch with love and intention. Over an exquisite meal, a curated conversation begins to braid ties that bind.

This is what Nourish Dinners® are made of.

A delicious meal paired with people who “get” you, who want to celebrate your success, who see your struggles, and are committed to standing by your side as you overcome obstacles in life and in business.

No pretenses — all of you is welcome here.

Be our guest at an upcoming Nourish Dinner® and become part of an authentic community that accepts, embraces, and encourages your dreams, your values, and yourself without compromise.

Nourish Dinners® are by invitation only. This is not a marketing ploy. I specifically curate the guest list for every event to bring together a group of people who I know will not only love each other but will stand for each other, because that’s when the magic of community comes to life.

Get on the guest list for the next Nourish Dinner®!

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Host a Nourish Dinner® in Your Community

Let’s talk menus, perfect pairings, and discuss how Nourish Dinners® can help you create connections that change lives and build businesses.

“Nourish Dinners couldn’t be more aptly named. They are gatherings from which I always emerge feeling full: of delicious food, lovingly prepared and presented; of interesting conversations that give me food for thought; of insights on myself as a business leader seen through others’ eyes. In the pre-pandemic years, Nourish Dinners led to the organic creation of a whole Nourish community. We met for happy hours, built relationships, and with Dana’s guidance, became a business-focused society where people felt welcome and held.”
I can’t wait to get back to the dinner table!”

Molly Gartrelle Earle

The Gartrell Group

“When you own a business, at some point, you will have to market yourself and network. Not every business owner (most business owners???) wants to have to market themselves/their business and network.

Enter: Nourish Dinners®, an event where networking doesn’t feel like or look like networking. Dana curates a fun evening with delicious food and even better conversation and connection.

My attendance at Nourish Dinners® has resulted in meaningful relationships with other business owners in this community — and not just meaningful from a sales perspective!

Nourish Dinners® stands out as a networking “highlight” for me to date, and the abundance that has flowed from my connections to those at that dinner and others in the Nourish community is undeniable. In fact, the woman who made my engagement and wedding rings was at the same dinner as me and we didn’t even know it! Come participate in the magic! You won’t regret it!”

Cooper Warner, Esq.
Owner of Namaste Law

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