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Now I Know Who My Customers Are – How Do I Find Them?


We have completed the series on what people will spend money on (cue impromptu dance party).

Now that you have figured out your offering and know you are selling something people are willing to pay for… what’s next?

As much as I would love to tell you that if you sit back and wait the clients will come pouring in, that simply isn’t the case.

And, come to think of it, I would not love to tell you that. Businesses take work and you are worth that effort!

So, how do you find your clients?

Remember what I have said in the last couple of posts, marketing is about self-selecting.

That means you don’t want to force feed yourself to everyone you meet.

Instead, you need to get yourself in front of the right people so they can decide for themselves that they need your services.

It is for this reason that I am a big fan of networking events.

I know a lot of people have anxiety about attending networking events, or may say that they “don’t work” – but I call bs.

If you aren’t having success networking, you’re doing it wrong.

Most people go to networking events with a goal of thrusting their card in the hand of as many people as possible and then wait for the calls to come in.

Never gonna happen.

Just think about what a terrible experience that is.

I get this vision of someone running in fast motion, throwing their cards at everyone in sight until they pass out.

You don’t make connections that way, and it isn’t the way to get anyone to know, like or trust you.

So, how should you approach networking events?

You really need to dedicate some time to this, and find the events that will work for you. Here are your steps:

One: pick a month that is two months in the future. Since it is basically April (what?!?), June is your month of choice. Your goal in that month is to go to as many events as you can. Schedule them now and book out your calendar.

Two: attend all the events in June (at least one a week, ideally two) with the intention of finding the place you can go back to again and again. Your goal is not to find a specific person to connect with, but the event that will be beneficial for you over time.

Three: choose one or two of these events that you can commit to going to every single month.

And then, show up.

You need to go to that event every single month and start building relationships.

Yes, I know you may need to psyche yourself up for the event.

The best way to do that is to set a really simple intention for yourself.

Good news, I have done it for you to get you started. Here it is:

“I am going to talk to and make a connection with one person I don’t know.”

And that’s it. You don’t need anything more than that.

No need to get around to the whole room and shove your card in anyone’s face (tip: don’t give your card to anyone unless they ask for it).

If you don’t know what else to do, just ask questions. People love to talk about themselves.

Why is the intention set at only one person? If you have only made relationships with one or two people, then following up in the next 48 hours isn’t daunting. It is achievable and something you can stick with.

It is better to make one meaningful connection and establish a relationship with that one person than it is to get ten cards from ten people who won’t really remember you and you will never take the time to follow up with. Over time, you will develop a great network of people who will become your “marketing team” and send referrals your way.

Do you have a networking event you love going to or another tip for building your network? Please share those tips in the comments. I look forward to seeing some of you at the networking events I am attending in June.

Until then… stay passionate!

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  1. delaram

    This is great advice Dana! I have loved the time i spend meeting and making connections a Women with Moxie! Love , Delaram

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