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One Great Quote

A great quote is magical.

A great quote can open your eyes.

A great quote can change your whole outlook.

The best thing about a really great quote is that it isn’t usually revolutionary.

It often states the obvious…

But it says it in a way that resonates with you.

At my last conference, I heard a quote like that.

Hyrum Smith said, “Character is the ability to carry out a worthy decision after the emotion of making the decision has passed.”

Mind. Blown.

Making the worthy decision is easy.

It is easy to decide to get healthy.

Or to make a sweeping declaration that you’re going to plan earlier this year.

Or to block out a day on the calendar to work on [insert gross mundane task here].

But when the rubber meets the road and it’s time to do whatever you said you were going to do…

Do you do it?

Or do you find a convenient excuse to wait for tomorrow?

“Today is stressful, so I will eat those chips now and have the celery on Monday.”

“Yes, next year is important, but what about next week? I’ll plan soon…”

“I’ll put this one fire out before I start on [gross mundane task]. It’ll still get it done today…I think.”

Does that sound like you?

If so, it is time to think about character.

Who is the most successful person you know?

What do they do that is different from what you do?

Do they get up earlier or go to bed later?

Do they work out every day?

Do they take time for themselves?

Do they keep time on their calendar to plan – and use it?

That’s their character showing.

Character is what separates the greats – decorated athletes and accomplished business people – from everyone else.

And you have it too.

You know what to do; you just have to do it!

Even when it is hard or you don’t want to.

Correction…especially when it is hard or you don’t want to.

You will appreciate it more and be so proud when you do.

And, I bet it will change your business.

People are drawn to great character – it’s time to let yours shine.

Until then…stay passionate!

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