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Out of the Dark and Into Daylight Saving

Don’t you love when Halloween falls on a weekend? Whether you were out trick-or-treating with the kiddos or rocking it at a party with adult beverages (zombietinis anyone?) – I’m guessing you were doubly grateful when we all got to “fall back” on Sunday.

Bonus hour – woot!

While contemplating this week’s post, I wondered about the real history of Daylight Saving Time

(and, I learned we’ve been saying it wrong all these years! “Savings” shouldn’t be plural…weird.)


Many people credit Benjamin Franklin with “inventing” Daylight Saving Time, but he never actually recommended changing our clocks.

If you need someone else’s name to curse in April when it comes time to lose an hour, Englishman William Willett is the one to blame.

Back in 1765, 78-year-old Franklin, grumbled after being awoken by early summer sunlight when he would rather be sleeping. Sound familiar?

But instead of simply complaining, rolling over, or covering his eyes with a sheet…

He did something about it.

It wasn’t much,

And it probably wasn’t intended to change the world…

But it got people thinking.

What did he do?

Good ol’ Ben, who was living in Paris at the time, calculated that Parisians could save $200 million (modern-day equivalent) via “the economy of using sunshine instead of candles.”


And, a man after my own heart, he published a satirical essay about it. (le sigh)

As you step out of the darkness this week – try and remember Ben.

Yes, the weather is colder.

Yes, the holidays are looming.

And you may want to snuggle up and hide from the light…but resist that urge.

What one thing can you do differently this week?

If you take action on it, you may just change your business.

Heck, you may change the world.

I’d love to hear what you’re doing to be like Ben (and hopefully, only being metaphorically struck by lightning).

Until then… stay passionate!

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