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Scholarship Winners

As many of you know, I feel giving back is incredibly important.

There are many ways to do this…

But in my business, I have chosen to do it with an annual scholarship.

For the past two years, I have gifted one person each year with six months of coaching with me.

In those first years, I didn’t open it up to the world:

I simply picked people who moved me in such a way I knew if they just had a little coaching, their businesses would make money and grow.

The initial recipient was an artist I had followed for years – her business has grown exponentially since we began working together.

Last year, a real estate agent I know – a successful businesswoman at that time by most standards – but whose life was extremely crazy.

I couldn’t stand watching her drive herself into the ground with her business so I made myself her coach.

Now? She takes 8 days off a month plus 8 weeks of vacation a year – and is making more money than ever.


How could I not keep the trend going?

This year, I decided to step up my game.

A little uncertain about what could happen, I opened an application process up to my networks (social and otherwise).

I figured a few people would apply…but I was truly taken aback by the amazing things that followed.

First off – TWENTY-EIGHT amazing people applied for the scholarship.

It has been so hard to narrow down the list – let alone choose one winner.

To each of you that applied – thank you.

You are inspiring. And amazing. And doing phenomenal things in this world.

I am proud to know you and to have gotten to speak with you (and hopefully help each of you) in our one hour together.

Each of you put yourselves out there, willing to be judged, and I applaud you.

You rock!

Then, a second amazing thing happened.

My friend Jennifer Frahm of Conversations of Change  in Melbourne, Australia (whom I have only known for 18 months) reached out with the following message:

“I’ve wanted to back either philanthropic or seed funding certain types of profiles for a while. I’m looking for an easy way for people who have already experienced success can pay it forward. I’d like to sponsor one of your applicants in your Galvanize Circles Program .”

(For those of you who don’t know, this is 1:1 strategic business coaching in a group setting for 4 months with a value of $3,500.)

When I got her message I was floored, overwhelmed, and burst into tears.

After painstakingly narrowing down to a top 5, I let Jennifer choose her own recipient.

Ok, are you ready to know who won?

The grand prize – 6 months of coaching with me (valued at $25,000) – goes to a woman I’ve been peripherally connected to for a few years.

She started her business in 2012 while living in Mexico and four pivots later she is building the modern embroidery marketplace.

She is really on to something that could be very big…because nothing like it exists!

Her name is Jenn Sturiale, and her company is Stitcharama .

I am so excited to work with her and see how amazing her business can be!

The Galvanize scholarship goes to a woman who doesn’t take injustice lying down.

Since a child she has spoken out and taken action against oppression and misuse of power.

She is excited about using this coaching scholarship to launch her dream project: a training and empowerment agency for leaders of social impact projects, businesses, and organizations.

Her name is Emily Levy and she is awesome .

After making the decisions…one person was still weighing on my heart.

I wrestled with it for hours and days, and just knew a little encouragement could make a huge difference in her life and business.

So, I decided to give out one more scholarship.

This woman’s business conducts meal preparation services.

The meals are targeted for people who want healthier, more nutritional options or follow special diets and don’t have time to cook (or just need a break from cooking at home).

She does this all on her own (which means way too much time away from her kids) working 70+ hours a week to help others and build her business.

Sky Cohen of Sky’s Café …get ready to Galvanize with your scholarship!

Until then…stay passionate!


P.S. Keep an eye out for updates on each of these amazing women over the coming months. I want to report on their progress and, hopefully, inspire each of you with their journeys.

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