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Sleeping Naked Leads to Making More Money

My mother told me at the age of 5 that I had to sleep without underwear.

She said it was so my vagina could breathe.

She really did.

It never occurred to me to wonder how vaginas actually breathe,

So I’ve been sleeping naked my whole life.

And you know what?

Vagina breathing or not, it’s been a really good thing.

It creates more intimacy

According to recent studies, there’s a greater release of Oxytocin – a hormone that relieves stress and blood pressure.

It’s kind of taking a natural valium

Oxytocin is also released while nursing

which might be a very strong (THE) reason I nursed 3 kids for 10 years’ straight

(ok with a two month break between #2 and #3)

NO Yeast infections.

Need I say more?

I never tangle with my nightclothes.

No waking up with my arms pinned to my sides by a nighty gone rogue.

Or strangled by a wayward T-shirt.

Not to mention…

It’s SO much cooler

Both temperature-wise and, let’s face it, hip factor

And that yummy clean sheet feeling

Every time I put clean sheets on the bed

I squirm into that crisp, cool, clean feeling from my tippy toes to my face.


It’s almost enough to get me to change the sheets every other day

But the BEST reason of all —

And the one which will explain why I, a high performance business strategist, am talking about naked sleeping —

It turns out that when you sleep naked you sleep better!

When you sleep better, your mind (and body) work better,

Which makes you more equipped to lead your business and make better decisions,

Which in turn, lead to making more money!

Sleeping naked leads to making more money!

That’s 6 reasons!

Clearly it’s a no brainer

Take off your clothes and make more money!

Let me know how it goes,


Until then… stay passionate!

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