Cultivating Growth: Why Gratitude is Good for Business

Success hinges on more than just strategies and numbers. As a high-performing business leader, you understand that business is built on relationships, and gratitude isn’t just a seasonal nicety. It’s a powerful catalyst for elevating your business to new heights.

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High-Performance Growth: Using Why to Fuel What’s Next

You measure growth quarter over quarter, year over year, in revenue, profitability, and KPIs. You follow the numbers to inform your decisions and create strategies to achieve your goals. The metrics might be your measure, but your “why” gives them meaning.

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KPIs of Excellence: The Soft Skill that Defines High Performers

The future belongs to emotionally intelligent leaders. According to reports from TalentSmart, 90% of top performers in the workplace demonstrate high emotional intelligence, while a study conducted by Johnson & Johnson found that 83% of participants with high EI scores were also in the top-ranked job performance group.

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The Messy Middle: 5 Fundamental Roadblocks to Your Company’s First – Or Next – Million in Annual Revenue

A peer of mine is in the messy middle, and it’s hitting her HARD. That corridor between $250,000 and $1M in annual revenue can be difficult for many valid reasons. Fundamental growing pains and strategic challenges come up when companies reach this phase of growth and development, and they can either become watershed moments in your business success story or bottlenecks along the way.

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Are You an Overloaded CEO?

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