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The Fifth Foundation is…Set Your Accountability

I’ve dedicated the last few weeks to my five foundations to freedom, flexibility, and fun.

The first four were:

Clarify Your Vision.

Create Your Plan.

Shift Your Perspective.

Up-Level Your Skills.

Those first four foundations are tied together with the fifth: Set Your Accountability.

I like to think of this fifth foundation as the roof that is holding the four walls together.

Remember, all five of them are needed for a strong house.

Accountability is so huge for business owners.

The social pressure of knowing “someone is watching” pushes us to do and be our very best.

The highest achievers in the world know the secret.

Being accountable elevates them into a high-performance mindset.

However, 99% of entrepreneurs struggle with getting things done…

They don’t use accountability well as a tool.

Most entrepreneurs either:

1) try to hold themselves accountable by creating crazy reward systems.

(As if there was a part of them that requires bribery to be motivated.)

But if you do this, you end up fighting with yourself.

And the internal conflict totally sabotages you.


2) they ask a friend to hold them accountable.

(This may work for a while, until their friend gets distracted, or one of them outgrows the other.)

In addition, you can only show up as big as someone can hold a vision for you.

Their vision for you is built on (limited by) what they see for themselves.

And it holds you back.

An accountability system is so critical to success, its absence is catastrophic.

Without it, you’re missing any real mirror for evaluating your own performance.

Nothing is making you be honest with yourself or requiring you to make things happen.

No one truly knows if you’re doing what you said you would or simply clocking in and out.

To be successful in your business, you need a great accountability system.

One that works.

One that actually holds you accountable.

One that makes you stretch and show up bigger than you ever thought you could.

Thanks for digging into all five foundations with me.

Being aware of them is the first step to your new life and business…

But that is different from mastery of them.

Mastering the five foundations is paramount for business success.

Remember, without any one of them, the whole house comes down.

Stop driving yourself into the ground with your business.

Your business can support your life not define it.

The freedom, flexibility and fun you’ve been craving are waiting for you.

Until then…stay passionate!

P.S. If you want or need help with any of them, give me a call. I would love to help you.

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