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The Landscape is Shifting

Email is dead.

Social is deafening.

And online marketing has become just an arena for pushing your work into the faces of the people you want to help.

There’s simply too much noise and people have become desensitized to the information that’s  cranked out on a daily basis.

You can actually see it if you take a look at your own social media and email habits. How many emails, of the hundreds you likely receive every day, do you actually read? What kind of social posts do you take the time to respond to?

If you delve into what people engage with online, you find they reply to the questions that reflect connection and understanding.

“What’s your favorite childhood memory?”

“When was the last time you were really in love with your business?”

“What color was your favorite doll’s dress?”

Trivial, but they spark the idea that the author really wants to get to know you, which is often equated to someone wanting to see and understand you.

Because in a time where Google and YouTube are all you need to find mountains of information, readers are not looking for more data or tactics to consume via email or social media.

Readers are looking for connection. To you.

People long to be seen and heard, face-to-face, heart-to-heart. But we just seem to have forgotten how.

The “how” is in the experience you create for your customers and clients.

What do they need? What do they love? What makes them enjoy coming to you for solutions?

If you can take that information and orchestrate a process to create an experience that imparts compassion, luxury, intimacy, excitement…whatever emotion they associate with you and your business…you will long outlast those businesses who simply stand on the sidelines spouting information.

What’s your online process like? Is it easy for them to buy? Does your font and style make them feel upscale when they travel through your buying process?

Do you take the time to send personal notes of sincere thanks – with pen and paper? Do you create gift boxes? Do touch base and try to connect via Messenger or Skype to take some time to get to know your new readers?

Do you work tirelessly to make sure they feel that deep connection that we all long to feel with humans again?

These are all things that create a spectacular online experience for your customers. But if you have a brick and mortar that has an online presence, you, too, can create an out of this world experience…in fact, it’s even EASIER for you.

You have the luxury of the actual face-to-face your customers and clients long for.

Because customers and clients who flow through a well-crafted experience don’t feel like they are simply numbers or money to you. They feel more like relationships. Partnerships. Or even friendships.

They feel supported. Connected.

That’s what we’ve created with Nourish Dinners. It’s an intimate, nurturing space where the guests are seen, heard, understood, and supported through their goals. It’s this sort of experience that the quickly changing landscape of business is shifting to.

Are you prepared to do the same thing?

Until next time…stay passionate!

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