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The One Tip That Can Change Your Life And Business Forever

In my life, and in creating my business, I have learned a lot of important things.

I have learned that confidence in what I am doing makes a difference in being successful.

I have learned that putting aside the bs in life is necessary to achieve Big Success.

And, I have also learned that being relentlessly helpful is the best way to live life.

I am guessing this isn’t a term you have heard often – but it is an easy one to grasp.

Think about what a great world we would live in if everyone went out of their way to be genuinely helpful to as many people as possible…all the time.

Wouldn’t that be fantastic? I think so too!

Yes, being relentlessly helpful can help you be more successful in business.

But let’s be clear…being relentlessly helpful is not a strategy you can simply implement in an attempt to get people to do business with you.

Being relentlessly helpful is about creating appreciation and goodness in the world.

It is about taking the time to notice what is going on for other people, acknowledging them, and hoping to spread a little happiness.

Being relentlessly helpful isn’t something you can fake.

And, it will not always translate into clients.

And you know what? That needs to be ok.

When you know who you are in this world and go out of your way to make someone else’s life a little better…they will notice and remember. If that comes around when they are making referrals to your business or when they are in need of something you sell – that’s great.

But not everything in this life can be (or quite frankly, should be) about getting people to buy things from you.

Yes, getting people to buy what you are selling is important. But being a great human being matters even more.

So, how can you be relentlessly helpful?

The opportunities are endless. The most important thing is that whatever you do comes from a root of authenticity and genuine caring.

It is also about having integrity.

If you say you are going to do something…do it. Whether the commitment is to yourself or to someone else. Living in integrity is a necessary foundation to being relentlessly helpful.

And, it is a decision you make every day – in every interaction.

This isn’t about perfection.

It is about making the best decisions you can each day in order to spread joy in the world.

Being relentlessly helpful can mean you go out of your way carry in someone’s items for a networking event.

Or it could mean that you make a referral to help them get a new client.

Or it could mean you bring dinner to a friend that you know is going through tough times – without being asked.

It doesn’t need to be huge, but the things you do to be relentlessly helpful can change lives.

You can make a difference in the world every day and change it for the better.

Isn’t that awesome?!

Being relentlessly helpful cannot be a business strategy – it needs to be a life strategy.

But, if you live your life this way people will notice…and it will have a positive impact on your business. All of your relationships will be better if you go out of your way to be relentlessly helpful. You will be surprised at how quickly you feel better – and people start responding to you differently.

So, what can you do this week to be relentlessly helpful? Once you try something out, please share it in the comments to help give others ideas and spread the love!

Until then… stay passionate!

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