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The Peanut Butter to Your Business’ Jelly

Systems are the peanut butter to your business’ jelly.

And who the hell wants a jelly sandwich?

Anyway, I promised to tell you about two systems I recommend to all my clients.

First, are marketing systems.

This means both getting new people to find you…

And past clients to use you again.

No matter how you market your business…you need to plan and set up a system.

Consistency and planning are key to your success.

First, figure out a marketing calendar for the year.

Choose a theme for each month…

Map out at least 6 months in advance (preferably 12).

And, this is a rolling 12, don’t wait until December to plan for the following year.

Next, determine your strategy for reaching out to your clients.

Are you going to do an email newsletter?

A mailed newsletter?

Social media?

A variety of things?

Whatever works for you (and this could take some trial and error) set it all up in advance.

I cannot fully articulate the benefit of setting this system up in advance.

Can you imagine yourself in this scenario?

All your marketing initiatives are set up 2-3 months in advance.

Not just planned, but actually made.

The mailing is already written by the time you need to send it out.

The emails are composed and ready to send.

No last-minute panic.

No drama.

Notice I am not telling you how to market yourself – this is about the importance of systems.

Different things work for different businesses.

Regardless of how you market to your potential and past clients…having a system will change your life for the better.

And, when you have a system that works, you free yourself up to do what you were made to do – change the world running your business!

Next week I will talk about the second system, I can’t wait to share it with you.

Until then…stay connected!

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