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The Start Line: Onboarding to Build Teams and Profit Margins

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What do talent retention, productivity, and profitability have in common?

Your onboarding process.

An organized and empowering onboarding process improves employee retention by over 80% and can increase productivity by more than 70%. 

Which decreases training and labor costs and adds up to a bigger profit margin.

How much bigger?

That depends on what you’re spending to hire, train, and replace your team members. 

Add the value of the results you could deliver if your team was 70% more productive. 

And the potential value of the projects that would become possible at your new capacity.

What would that add up to for your company?

Beyond the shiny metrics and profit potential…

What would become possible for you as a business owner if your team members were aligned and excited from day one?


Laying a Foundation for Long-Term Success

A good onboarding process does more than introduce new hires to their roles. It supports their learning journey and resources them in their work while making them feel welcomed. It’s the first step towards making them feel like an integral part of your team. 

Effective onboarding creates an intentional experience for your contractors or employees, just like you cultivate an intentional experience for your clients. It shows a level of care and consideration that makes new hires feel valued and eager to contribute. 

Providing the necessary tools, knowledge, and support from day one sets the stage for their entire journey within your company. This investment in their experience translates to a deeper sense of belonging and loyalty, driving collaboration and engagement.

Team-Building Best Practices

The more mindfully a new hire is onboarded, the longer they stay with a growing company. 

There are 3 Basic Rules of Employee Onboarding: 

  1. Don’t assume everyone knows what you know.
  2. If it’s considered common knowledge, spell it out.
  3. Make expectations explicit.

Because creating clarity has always been a team-building best practice. 

And you never get a second chance to make a first impression.


From Day One to Day Won

When you’re mindful about welcoming and integrating new hires into your team culture, they’ll stay for the long term.

Creating a clear onboarding process will:

  • Help new hires feel more comfortable.
  • Create clear standards and expectations.
  • Instill confidence in your team.
  • Foster a culture of growth and collaboration.
  • Improve talent retention.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Decrease labor costs.
  • Expand your profit margin.


Personalizing the Process

Creating real-life results begins with getting clear on the onboarding experience you’re currently creating for your team. 

Because no matter how intimately involved you are in your company’s operations, or how close you are with your team, your perception is not an accurate reflection of their lived experiences. 

Whether your operations are fully virtual, hybrid, or in-person, personalizing your onboarding process is essential to developing a collaborative culture that nurtures growth. 

Start by asking these questions:

Do you have a comprehensive onboarding process in place?

Does it focus on welcoming your new hire and helping them find their footing? 

What drew your existing employees to their roles at your company? What goals, credentials, or experience were they pursuing?

What do your employees say about their onboarding experience? How were they welcomed to the team? 

What have past team members shared as their reason for resignation?


Clarity Builds Teams and Profit Margins

Set a standard for excellence by giving your team all the tools and resources they need to succeed from the start.

A comprehensive onboarding package includes:

  • A clear contract and statement of compensation
  • A thorough job description delineating required duties and desired results
  • How to acquire necessary user credentials, keys, swipe cards, etc.
  • The established chain of communication and who to go to for support
  • Contact details for immediate team members, team and department leads, managing partners, and tech support/IT
  • Operational standards: from dress codes and project timelines to client communication and formatting expense reports 
  • Outlines of company processes and workflows in order of importance by role
  • Basic user guides to essential systems and software

But you can go above and beyond simply by including other resources you already have:

Is your business service-based? Include a brief introduction to your ideal client avatar, existing clients, and potential dream clients

Is your business product-based? Be sure to include the basic specs and distinguishing features for your biggest sellers

Working on-site? Add a map or guide to local restaurants, businesses, and local affiliates. Consider adding a gift card to a local coffee shop or restaurant so they can get to know the neighborhood.

Working remotely? Include a linked guide to any virtual coworking spaces, shared playlists, and running communication threads. Make sure you also include crystal clear expectations around online conduct, engagement, and time off. 

Because the little details add up to make a big difference. And people stay where they feel valued. 

So show them they’re an important piece of the puzzle. 

Treat your team members with the level of care, consideration, and respect you give your clients. Because they’re just as essential to your success.

Are you ready to build your dream team?

Hiring doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Especially when you have an expert business strategist guiding the way.

My Catapult clients tell me the results from our hiring, onboarding, and team-building surprise them the most. 

Because they never realized how much of an impact getting it right would have.

Now they have employees who are invested, who love their jobs, who contribute ideas, who feel appreciated, and who want to grow within the company as well as personally. 

Their operations run seamlessly. So they stress less, work less, and make more. As in, double their revenue.

Are you next in line?

Are you an established business owner who has been in business for at least three years?

Does your business make at least 750K in annual revenue?

Are you ready to grow yourself and your company?

Take the next step. Apply to join Catapult today.

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