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The Third Foundation is…Shift Your Perspective

When is the last time you took a vacation?

A few months?

A year?

Since before you started your business?

Think back to that last vacation…

Did you actually relax and take a break…

Or did you spend most of your time worried about work, responding to emails and text messages?

What about weekends?

Do you take a full 24-hours off each week?

And, no, I don’t mean total over the week and simply sleeping at night doesn’t count.

I’m talking about 24 hours in a row with no work.

If you aren’t taking that, you need to.

I know it seems counterproductive, but this is definitely a “work smarter, not harder” scenario.

And the best way to get there is to Shift Your Perspective. 

Don’t believe me? Let me tell you a story.

One of my clients was a completely maxed-out chiropractor.

When we met, she was working 12 hours a day, 5 days a week – and charting on the weekends.

She believed this was just how chiropractic practices were.

But it was taking a toll.

Her health and marriage were suffering.

After we started working together, she realized she felt responsible for “saving” her patients.

This meant she had to be the one who did all the healing – she had to do all the work.

We dug in to find out the payoff she was getting from this belief (there is always a payoff).

We had to discover the “juice” she was getting from keeping those beliefs.

In her case, the payoffs were feeling needed, having something to complain about, and being righteous about how busy and important she was.

Digging deeper, they also allowed her to deny responsibility for her health, business or marriage.

She could simply blame it all on the nature of being a doctor and running a business.

She quickly realized she didn’t want to believe these things anymore.

Finally seeing them (it often takes someone else to show you) she realized how bad they were.

These unconscious belief systems were costing her money, health and happiness.

So, she decided to give up the payoffs.

Within a year, she hired three new employees.

She tripled her business and was making money even when she didn’t work.

She couldn’t believe it!

Today her practice is chugging along.

Her marriage is better.

She has taken up sculpting and works four days a week instead of five (or seven).

The transformation was really amazing.

What made this possible?

The third foundation (Shift Your Perspective).

She had to see what her perspective was, accept it, and then decide what wasn’t serving her.

Then she could shift to a life and business she truly wanted and could love again.

What perspectives will you shift to live the life you love and how will they help you Create Your Plan?

Until then…stay passionate!

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