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Things People Will Pay For Volume Two – Health

If you have missed the last couple of weeks let me catch you up (and cry a little bit in my head – I was so lonely without you!)

We are in the middle of a series about finding your clients by starting with from the end result (you earning a client’s business) and working your way backwards.

There are five categories people will spend money on.

These are the things that keep them up at night.

The 4:00 a.m. fears.

The “Oh shit” moments of dread and anxiety…

Fill those needs and you will have clients (and they will likely start finding you on their own).

The first one, which we covered last week, is money.

The last three categories are: relationships, time, and identity.

But today, we’re talking about health.

In general, the fear here presents itself differently by age and gender.

Even if they try to get away from it, men are attached to the idea of being a provider.

So, men of about 50 start worrying about having a heart attack and what will happen to their family when they are gone. Their vitality is really important to being able to provide.

For them the idea of having a heart attack, or being diagnosed with diabetes, or any of the things that come with being an older man makes them worry that they are going to let down their family.

Women at this age worry about family too.

If she is the breadwinner she will have feelings similar to the previous example, but it isn’t as strong or cultural.

But, she is likely more worried about being old before her time.

She will ask herself questions like, “Will I be in pain and hurt forever? What am I going to miss out on?”

For younger people, they tend to avoid the issue completely (I’m invincible!) until something happens to prove them wrong.

It is a complete shock and breakdown when they get sick for more than a week.

They are totally devastated and angry and want someone to fix them right now. They are quick to ask, “Is it ever going to get any better?”

So, how do you use this information in your business?

Hopefully, your business already offers a product or service that can help people quell their health concerns.

If not, is there a shift you can make in your offering to move into this category (or one of the other four categories)?

If yes, you know that people would be willing to pay for what you offer (hooray!). Now you need to present it in a way that facilitates action.


You need to speak to the fear.

Address the issue in the way they speak to themselves at 4:00 in the morning.

If you can use the words that align with their fears, they will be more likely to remember you when they are feeling scared.

Note: I am not encouraging you to use this to manipulate potential clients. If you don’t offer the service they need, don’t try to pretend like you do. This advice is to help you present yourself and your business in a way that will help ensure your authentic message resonates with the clients that need and want your services.

If you offer a product or service that can help them step into the light, and speaks their language, they will choose you.

So, keeping the topic of health in mind, what results do you produce for your clients? What are they able to achieve after having done business with you (that they couldn’t have done otherwise)? How can you present that information in your marketing materials to help your potential clients find you? Tell us about it in the comments!

Until then… stay passionate!

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