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Think Bigger: Two Truths to Transform Your Business

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What assumptions need challenging in your business?

As an experienced entrepreneur, you’re no stranger to the challenges and opportunities that test your limits and shape your businesses. 

What if a simple question could help you navigate those moments more effectively?

Over forty years of being a serial entrepreneur, building businesses, and mentoring industry leaders, I’ve made a regular habit of asking, “What else is possible?”

But sometimes you need to look at things through a different light. When I feel stuck on a particular problem or perspective of my business, I come back to this question:

“Is it True with a Capital “T”?”


If put in the exact same position, under the exact same circumstances, would every other person on this planet come to exactly the same conclusion you have?

99 times out of a 100 the answer is a resounding “No.”


Embracing the Capital “T” Truth

The Capital “T” Truth isn’t about uncovering universal principles. It’s a mindset tool that challenges your assumptions. No matter how stuck or certain you might feel.

Whether business is booming, or you’re navigating a slower season, these questions can be used to stretch your perspective and unlock untapped opportunities. 

Because if someone else put in your position could or would make a different decision than you’re considering making, there are a multitude of possibilities available to you. Even if you can’t see them.

Which begs the question: 

What assumptions are you making?

What Else is Possible?

When you ask if something is a Capital “T” Truth, you’re not just challenging your current perspective; you’re actively expanding it. That’s why this practice helps you identify and overcome limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. It also shines a light on opportunities that otherwise would have gone unnoticed or unclaimed.

Like a Catapult client of mine who wanted to shift to consulting after years of delivering done-for-you design services.

She’d built a bustling agency that made great money, but it didn’t feel fulfilling to her anymore.

She had new goals, interests, and priorities than when she first started her company.

She also didn’t want to have to start building business all over again.

Until we started pulling those threads in one of our strategy sessions, she couldn’t see how her years of business building and creative design positioned her perfectly for the work she actually wanted to be doing. 

Her unconscious beliefs around what an expert looks like and what it takes to succeed turned her evolving ambitions into a pipe dream.

Until she started questioning what other folks might choose to do in her position, she didn’t see the natural progression between what she had achieved and where she wanted to go next. 

Or how taking that leap would allow her to do her best work for her best clients: the ones who recognized her ingenuity and trusted her expertise. Those customers valued her insight and experience. Not just her beautifully designed pages and templates.

But she had invested so much time and effort into building her reputation as a designer, and then building her agency, that she was blind to every other opportunity. 

Sound familiar? Have you been there before?


From Limiting Beliefs to Limitless Possibilities

Sometimes what seems so clear from the outside looks impossible when you’re the one in the thick of it.

That’s how my client felt. That is, until the fateful day I introduced her to the Capital “T” Truth and we asked, “What else is possible?” 

The next day, she sent out her first proposal. For a five-figure consulting contract. 

It immediately came back signed and dated. Followed promptly by her first payment as a professional consultant. 

Interrogating the Capital “T” Truth led her to stand in her expertise, realign her offerings, and opened up a more fulfilling, more profitable path forward.


Think Bigger, Grow Farther

The journey of growing through life and business is always ongoing. The Capital “T” Truth fuels your momentum by:

  • Routinely challenging your beliefs and assumptions.
  • Embracing change and opening you up to new ideas.
  • Nurturing possibility-based problem solving.

When you make a habit of interrogating the truth, you begin to ask new questions that unlock new opportunities in your business. This practice isn’t just about finding solutions to problems—it’s about discovering new avenues for growth and innovation. 

Because each time you challenge a limiting belief, you make room for fresh ideas and strategies that transform the future for you and your company.

What assumptions have you challenged in your business? 

How did it open up new opportunities?


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