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Unconventional: Trusting Your Gut Over Trends

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Do You Trust Your Gut in Business?

Have you ever pursued a business endeavor you thought you’d love…

…Only to realize it wasn’t the right fit?

On the surface, it was in perfect alignment with what you “should” do. 

It seemed like the logical next step.

It felt like it would be a meaningful move towards your goals.

Only it turned out that it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be?

The reality didn’t quite live up to your expectations.

And even though others loved it, you knew in your gut that it wasn’t right for you?

Yeah, me too.


Going Against My Guts

It was 2015, and I was still in my early years as a business coach and as an entrepreneur. I’d spent most of my professional life mentoring industry leaders and building their bottom lines with record sales, but I’d only struck out entirely on my own a few years before.

My one-on-one coaching practice was thriving, but everyone I “should” be listening to said I needed to transition to a one-to-many model if I wanted to keep growing my business.

They said one-on-one work inevitably hit a growth ceiling made of my own time and energy limits. So I started a group program. It checked all the boxes. I did everything the so-called experts said I “should” do.

Even though it was working, it wasn’t working. I mean, my clients were bought in and on board, but I wasn’t.

Failing the Fit Test

You see, I believe the highest probability of the deepest transformation unfolds one-on-one, in an intimate conversation over time. Even a small group program couldn’t sustain the level of ongoing authenticity and vulnerability that allows me to create revolutionary results in my client’s lives and businesses.

But I knew that space is where my genius lies.

I struggled with a question for what seemed like ages: 

Should I do what I feels right for me?Or listen to the experts?

My clients loved the group program. I got rave reviews and countless touching testimonials about the impact it had and the actions it empowered them to take.

And running it was still totally draining for me. 

Trying to hold space for the depth of my one-on-one work in a group container was exhausting. I didn’t want to sacrifice what felt like the true power and integrity of my work.

I had to try doing things “the right way” to discover that it wasn’t going to work for me.


Be Bold Enough to Break the Mold

Like so many other founders and entrepreneurs, I reached a pivotal point in my journey, and I was afraid to trust my gut over the experts.

Afraid to do anything that seemed too radical or out of the box.

But, there comes a time for every business when what works for “everyone else” doesn’t feel right for your company.

When that thing – whatever it is – just isn’t going to work for you.

When I came to this impasse, I trusted my gut. And I am so happy I did.

If I had kept going down the path I supposedly “should” be on, the work wouldn’t have been coming from my heart or my true expertise. 

I never could’ve sustained that model. I would’ve burnt out. 

Instead, I celebrated the ten-year anniversary of Dana Corey coaching last fall.


Untangling the Trend Trap

Following trends might seem like a smart move to dial into the moment, but it can steer you off course. Trends promise quick wins but often lead to long-term headaches. 

Because business trends come and go faster than fashion fads. But you’ve been in the game long enough to develop your intuition like a finely tuned radar. It’s picked up on countless nuances that no data sheet can capture. 

Your business is an extension of you—your quirks, your vision, your unique flair. Hopping on the trendy bandwagon makes you blend in. Your distinct vision makes you stand out. 

What’s hot today can be lukewarm tomorrow. Stick to what you do best and let others chase the shiny objects.


Play to Your Strengths

Trusting your gut doesn’t mean throwing strategy out the window. It’s about blending intuition with smart planning. 

How do you keep that gut instinct sharp? 

Make reflection a regular personal practice. Step back from the hustle, take a breath, and tune in to your inner voice. Whether it’s through journaling, making art, meditating, ora walk in the park, intentionally invest in connecting with your instincts.


Thriving on Instinct

In a world full of copycats, authenticity wins. 

Your strengths are your secret sauce. Lean into them. Trusting your gut and staying true to your vision sets you and your company apart. So honor your instincts, skip the shiny trends, and lead with boldly brazen confidence.


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