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What Are You Bingeing On?

I hate to be the one to tell you this…but 2015 is over in about 48 hours.

Have you done what you set out to do?

Accomplished what you intended to accomplish?

Earned what you deserve to earn?

Hopefully, you answered with a resounding “Hell yeah!” to all of those questions. If not…

What are you doing today to make sure you will be saying that one year from now?

Sure, it is enticing to spend the last precious hours of 2015 binge watching Netflix (possibly while binge eating holiday treats)… but what if you focused on your business instead?

Yes, I know you “know” this and it isn’t news for you.

But you know what?

Knowing doesn’t equal done.

We all know what to do. That’s the easy part.

But knowing isn’t doing you any good when your lists are getting longer – not shorter – so the “to dos” are piling up and taking over your life.

And, simply having a plan doesn’t make things happen. (That’s just “knowing” on paper.)

You may have the best plan in the world…but it cannot turn procrastination, confusion, or paralysis into implementation.

A plan is important, but it is not the answer.

Action on its own is not the answer either. Thoughtless actions are paving the path to nowhere.

If you want to get there (wherever “there” is to you) you need to be damn sure your mind is focused correctly.

I said it in the last post, but in case you didn’t get that memo, let me say it again:

Results = Mindset + Action

That’s it. That is the only answer.

If you want the results that have been eluding you – it is time to make a change. I discussed the secret to change last week (which you should read before moving on if you haven’t already) and I promised today I would give some details about setting up the right mantra.

I’m sure you have heard of mantras, but why are they necessary for changing and getting results?

Change takes work – you need to write the full story of where you intend to go, and constantly retell yourself that story so you can reset your mind.

Mantras help reinforce and recall your change story.

Let me explain what I mean…

Think of a computer. You know how the icons on your desktop open programs? A great mantra does the same thing. When done correctly, saying your mantra brings your full change story into your conscious mind. And to make it stick, you need to do this a lot.

(So instead of binge watching Netflix, consider bingeing on change by focusing on your mantra to get results.)

Now, it is important to note what I said there. “When done correctly” a mantra works to reinforce change. What does that mean? Much like a computer program, your mantra needs to be written in the perfect language if you want it to work.

There are four keys to perfect language:

  1. It has to be affirmative (move towards something instead of away from something)
  2. Speak it as if it has already happened (think “I am” instead of “I will)
  3. You must believe it (don’t give your mind the opportunity to sabotage you)
  4. It must make you feel good (emotion is the glue that holds the new story into your unconscious mind)

Think short and sweet (like that little desktop icon).

A mantra could be “I have a thriving business.” or “I reach my business goals.” Whatever yours is, make sure you can remember and repeat it often.

Word to the wise: it may be tempting to make all your changes at once, but you need to pick one (yes, only one) to focus on at a time.

You are new to this and it takes practice. So I recommend putting all of your energy into one proverbial basket, if you know what I mean. Change takes dedication.

So, pick that top goal you want and write a new story – then use your mantra to get there as often as possible (binge baby binge!). Because you are an intelligent business owner, and you deserve to feel accomplished and get shit done. Please share your mantra in the comments – I can’t wait to read them.

Until then…big love!


Until then… stay passionate!

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