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What Would You Do If You Only Had 120 Days To Live?

Let me back up a bit here…

Let’s pretend “you” in this sentence is referring to your business/career and “to live” is referring to the life of your business.

If your business (or career) only had 120 days to live would you…

  • Continue to do what you’re currently doing?
  • Do more than what you’re currently doing?
  • Do less than what you’re currently doing?
  • Take a leap of faith and do what you’ve always wanted to do but for some reason keep putting it off?

If you can say “yes” to any of the last 3 questions, this post is for you…

It’s August which means we are moving into the final quarter of the year. Once September hits, you’ll only have 120 days (give or take a few days) left to reach all the goals you set out for yourself and for your business this year.

It also means you’ll have 120 days to reach NEW goals, bigger goals.


Have you met this year’s goals yet?

If not, it’s time to reevaluate. That’s why today I am issuing you a challenge.

A challenge that has the potential to completely change the trajectory of your business and your life, but only if you want it to.

Your challenge:

“120 Days Bucket List Challenge”

Read the following 3 questions. Think about each question and then write your response down in a notebook or journal.

Q #1: What would your perfect business/career look like if it were to work out this year?

Q #2: If your perfect business/career looked like this, what would need to change?

Q #3: Are you open and willing to make those changes?

If you answer “yes” to Q #3, here is a SECOND CHALLENGE:

Email me your responses to all 3 questions to (Talk about accountability!)

Your prize?

If you email me your 3 responses by this Thursday, August 6th 2015, you can ask me any question about any challenge you’re currently facing in your business, your relationships, or your life and I will give you my honest, no-BS advice and guidance.

The clock is ticking…

120 Days.

Until then… stay passionate!

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