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When are you going to pull the brakes on your work week?

You might hear alarm bells going off in your head if someone tells you that you need to slow down. If you do, you fear what’s going to happen.

Will the whole system collapse?

Will your growth stunt?

Will you miss an error that causes a big problem later?

All the fears that keep you up at night start circling again. 

Your business is like skydiving. You took the leap out of the plane when you started your business three, five, or ten years ago. And since then, you’ve been falling into success, faster and faster and faster.

But there comes a point where you have to launch the chute and slow down or you’re going to be flat on the ground later.

There’s no need for burnout, and I’m not saying you have to stop completely in your tracks. But you’ve got to pull the brakes if you want to succeed. 

As a business strategist and coach, I guide my clients to step into the role of CEO and LEAD their business in my Catapult Immersion program. Instead of being in the thick of your business, you’ll be running a smooth operation without your hands directly in the pot. 

My clients have continued to see results each year after working with me for nine months. 

In my program you’ll discover how to:

➡️ Get clear on your special sauce and what it is that only you can do for your business – and then delegate the rest. That looks like collaborating to identify: the roles that need filling, how to onboard your team painlessly, what and how to pay them – and then hiring the best folks for the job. 

➡️ Create a Profit First approach to finances that aligns your pricing with the value that your clients receive – and the ROI you need to continue investing in your business long-term while covering your overhead at the same time.

➡️ Standardize your workflows and procedures to improve productivity and create the structure your business needs to grow without sucking all the freedom, fun, and creativity out of things.

This all comes together so that you can:

???? Increase your revenue dramatically

???? Decrease your working hours significantly while still seeing higher revenue flow in

???? Go from self-employed business owner to a freedom-led CEO

If this is what you want for your business, connect with me and let’s get to know one another.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to get a plan together now. January is coming quickly. So let’s have a conversation and see if you’re a good fit. This is a partnership, and I only take on clients who will work well with me.

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