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You’ll Either Become The Statistic Or You’ll Defy The Odds… Which One Will You Be?

There’s a statistic about how many businesses fail within the first 2 years.

It’s eye-opening and…

To some women it’s scary. To others it’s empowering.

The women who find it empowering are the ones who won’t become the statistic. (aka: the rare ones)

True entrepreneurial women destined for big success in their business and in their life will read this statistic and will do one of 2 things:

  1. They give a hearty belly laugh because they know they’re not part of the statistic and keep moving right along with their awesomeness or…
  2. Have a moment of “oh, shit..that is scary” and THEN – this is the important part – they decide to not be this statistic. They allow this statistic to empower them and probably even feel like getting into action right away.

And the scared-y cats? Well, they’re the reason the static is so astronomically high.

They read this statistic and accept it as their truth. They’re willing to let someone else tell them what they’re capable of and tend to cave to peer pressure.

The unfortunate thing here is…

The scared-y cats don’t have to STAY scared-y cats, if the don’t want… but, they’re too busy believing all that business killing, self-esteem squashing stuff to hear all the cheerleaders cheering them on.

That’s the way it goes, I suppose.

You can’t help everyone, and frankly, I’m not interested in helping someone who doesn’t want positive support in their life. If they spend their time looking for proof that they’re going to fail, they’ll fail, and there’s nothing I can do with that kind of attitude because…

Attitude is Everything.

But, I’m digressing. No more beating around the bush. Let’s get back to the scary/empowering statistic so you can discover which person you are: A true entrepreneurial woman or a scared-y cat.

Once you read this statistic, that’s it. You decide to either become the statistic or defy the odds. Up to you. You ready? Here we go…

95% of businesses fail within the first 2 years

Leave a comment below and share with me who you are: A true entrepreneurial woman or a scared-y cat.

Until then… stay passionate!

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  1. Delaram Hakiman-Adyani

    HI DANA! Am definitely not a scardy-cat and ever ready to serve others! Thanks for your DOD! LOVE, Delaram

    • Dana

      I am 100% confident that you are NOT a scaredy-cat!

      Love you,


    • Julie A. Fast

      I’m not a scaredy cat!!!!! I love working with you Dana. My issue is working around my bipolar disorder. It’s an illness that causes a lot of FOCUS problems and my goodness I’m learning a lot of focus tips in our sessions. Many businesses fail not because we are scared of the work, but because we have too many ideas for our own good and spread ourselves out in areas we don’t even need to go! I am NEVER going to stop getting better at what I do. I get scared- of course I do- but a natural fear of what will happen if I don’t work efficiently is different than being scared away from being great at what I do. Thank you! Julie

    • Julie A. Fast

      Hi Delaram,

      I don’t think Dana works with scaredy cats- that means you are a fearless cat! Julie

  2. Molly

    I’m a badass business woman and I will go all the way!!

    • Dana

      I know you will!

      Big Love,


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