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Your business needs these five things

Foundations aren’t sexy…

But without a good one your makeup would slide off your face.

Your house would crumble into rubble.

And your business will fall to pieces at the slightest bump.

When you think about it, the foundation is the most important part of most things.

So why do we take them for granted?

Think about it.

No one gets excited to tour the foundation of their new house.

We only care about what sits on top of it – the glitz and glamour.

You just assume the foundation is done properly.

If you know anyone who has done a renovation, you probably know just how badly a neglected foundation wrecks the best laid plans.

Your business works the same way.

Your business needs a solid foundation.

And a good business foundation is built on five things.

You can’t just have one, or two, or three…

You need them all in place for the house to stay standing.

They are synergistically connected.

If one is lacking (or missing altogether) the others try to pick up the slack.

Sure, everything goes along fine for a while.

But eventually?

Eventually, nature always wins.

Something’s gotta give.

Do you really want your business to come tumbling down?

If you want your business to be solid, you need to know my five foundations.

These five foundations are critical to your success.

I talk about them with all my clients.

I get asked to speak to audiences around the country about them.

And now, I want to share them with you.

I’m going to get into each one in detail.

We’re going to dig deep (because that’s where good foundations start).

But first, I’ll just name them:

1) Clarify your vision

2) Create your plan

3) Shift your perspective

4) Up-level your skills

5) Set your accountability

They may sound simple, and in some ways they are.

But in other ways, they’re going to take everything you’ve got.

So, wrap your head around them and get ready to start digging in next week!

Until then… stay connected!

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