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You’ve Been Paralyzed…Snap Out Of It Already!

Regardless of who or what you voted for, today marks a huge transition for us all.

We are passing from a space of not knowing, into the known.

Living in a state of unknowns is uncomfortable.

It is frustrating.

It is scary.

Whoever our new president is, we can all feel relief simply because we know.

And elections aren’t the only times the unknown makes us feel out of sorts.

When these moments show up, part of us is tempted to put our head in the sand…

Even though knowing would make everything so much easier and clearer.

There are so many places in our business where this fear rears its ugly head.

One is finances.

We tend to not be as on it as we could or should be.

We worry about our debt and our obligations but don’t run the numbers.

We live with a sense of dread because we imagine the worst.

But then, when we actually do the math, we usually feel relief — it doesn’t matter what the number is.


Because reality is so much better than not knowing.

Knowing allows you to create a plan.

Creating a plan lets you see the possibilities.

You can see a path and start working towards it.

You can focus on something besides the fear.

Not knowing creates so much unwanted stress.

It is in the unknowing that we make up fantasies and stories.

Our energy is all caught up in the unknown.

Worrying about what is coming next…

The examples are endless.

You may be in a bad relationship and wondering if you should stay or go, so you put up with being unhappy.

Or at a job and dreaming of starting a business but don’t know if it’s viable, so you stay employed and miserable.

Perhaps you’re considering hiring an assistant and you’re not sure if your business can absorb the cost, so you stay overwhelmed and overworked.

Living in that place where you don’t know what to do can be paralyzing.

Now that we know who our president is, we can step out of the unknown…and make a plan.

Having a plan brings a lightness, even if it’s not the result you were hoping for.

It brings the future into the present.

It creates a real possibility that gives you something to strive towards.

A place you to go.

A destination.

I tell my coaching clients all the time about the five foundations you must put in place to have a business that supports you.

The first building block you need is a vision – a destination to work towards.

And you can’t get there without a strategic plan.

It’s time to plan…what are you waiting for?

Until then…stay passionate!

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