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As a high-strategy business coach, international speaker, and serial entrepreneur, I’ve been building businesses and mentoring industry leaders for over four decades. With hundreds of clients ranging from small business owners and C-Suite Executives to Fortune 500 companies, I’ve cultivated a unique context for understanding what businesses and business owners need to thrive in the long run.

Blending experience, expertise, and irreverence for the rules,

I challenge established entrepreneurs to redefine success on their own terms by delivering on stage business coaching focused on the 3 Imperatives of Business Owners:

How to Make the Clock Work For You (Not Against You!)

In “How to Make the Clock Work For You (Not Against You!),” I break down the cycle of busyness that keeps so many business owners and executives stuck in time scarcity.

Illuminating the unconscious beliefs and personal patterns that leave so many leaders running on fumes, this signature talk offers practical strategies and actionable wisdom that empowers audiences to take back their time.

Make Your Numbers Make Sense So You Can Make More Money
Money may not make the world go round, but it’s essential to creating continued success in business. In “Make Your Numbers Make Sense So You Can Make More Money,” I deconstruct what it means to be a good financial steward of your company.

This signature talk makes the numbers make sense while teaching audiences how to implement actionable strategies to bring in more revenue and increase profitability in the long run.

Hack Your Brain and Become the Leader You Want to Be
What makes a great leader? In “Hack Your Brain and Become the Leader You Want to Be,” I break down the biology behind so-called Imposter Syndrome and the role your brain plays in shaping your success.

This signature talk shares scientific insights and actionable steps that will challenge your audience to interrogate their concept of leadership and redefine how they show up as leaders in life and in business.

These three signature talks

blend my background in neurobiology and expansive business acumen to illuminate the unconscious processes behind the internal narratives that hold business owners back from expansive growth. Integrating practical nuts and bolts business actions and scientifically proven personal practices, I teach driven entrepreneurs how to take back their time, make more money, and elevate their impact as leaders in their field.

“Dana is an extraordinary, whimsical, engaging powerhouse speaker! Her ability to immediately bring value and impact the audience leaves everyone sitting on the edge of their seat, leaning forward to glean each pearl of wisdom and humor. I can always count on Dana to over deliver at my events.”

Kelly Fidel

CEO & Founder of No Glass Ceiling Women’s Conference

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“For years, Dana has played a crucial role in helping clients take their businesses to the next level. I have seen first-hand how her presentations effectively relay her transformative philosophies and strategies — and in an engaging style. Dana is a skilled public speaker and I highly recommend her for any conference or event. She is sure to provide a valuable and memorable experience for attendees.”

Steve Brobak

Cofounder of Dent the Future

“Dana delivers value, pure and simple. Her talks and workshops are full of powerful frameworks and provocative ideas for change. Participants love her honesty and her humble boldness to help them achieve the transformation they seek.”
Jason Preston

Cofounder of Dent the Future

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