Helping CEOs Find Freedom

By Working Less & Making More

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Hi, I’m dana,

High-Performance Business Strategist and Coach. I work exclusively with experienced entrepreneurs to turn your business into a profitable, sustainable company that runs itself — instead of running you into the ground.

Are you an Overloaded CEO?
Which of the 5 Swamped Business Owner Syndromes is keeping you overly busy, stressed, and exhausted?

Take this personalized assessment to find your strategic next steps.

I Help Overloaded CEOs Reclaim their Time & Freedom While Making More Money

You’ve established a reputation for delivering excellence, but it comes at the cost of committing all of your time and energy to sustain your business. Your clients love you. You love what you do, but all of your work has you feeling like you’re drowning in the details.

I can help you find freedom without sacrificing excellence.


87% of my clients double their revenue within a year of working with me.


92% clock 33% fewer hours at work by the end of our engagement.


99% report that they are truly satisfied with their work/life balance.

Am I the right coach for you?

“When I hired Dana, I was working hard but not making enough money and not making it consistently. The stress was impacting all areas of my life.

From the moment we started working together, my life and my business have drastically changed for the better. I almost immediately started showing up as a bigger version of who I thought I could be. I’ve made things happen that I didn’t think were possible. And during my two-day intensive, we changed my business model to one that is manageable and scalable…

Hiring Dana is one of the best decisions I’ve made. If you are ready to kick ass in your business and in your life, run, don’t walk, to see if Dana is the right fit for you.”

Jennifer Ruwart

CEO & Founder of Roger That Agency

I’m here to show you that you can have the success you’ve been dreaming of —
and you can have the money, time, and freedom to enjoy it, too.

I’ve charted the path to take you from business-owner-overwhelm to Badass CEO.

A bold statement, to be sure, but I say it with confidence.

I understand that your profit margin isn’t the only measure of success that matters to you. You want more. More room to breathe, more creativity, more connection, more joy, more ease, and more peace of mind – in your life and in your business.

Where you see obstacles in your business, I see opportunities.

When we work together, your numbers, systems, and processes become a playground of innovation where we redefine success on your terms.

Because your business is about the work you want to do and the life you want to live.

Are you ready to go from exhausted entrepreneur to empowered CEO?

Results speak louder than words.

And my client’s success stories speak for themselves.

Let’s develop your success story.

“Dana Corey rocks! Be sure to leverage the opportunity to hear her wisdom. And if you’re fortunate enough to be asked to participate in any of her coaching services, jump at it now! Dana books out a year in advance.”

Kimberly Ross Jackson

Founding Member of International Coach Federation & Forbes Coaches Council

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