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Meet your personal business strategist, Dana Corey.

I work exclusively with ambitious, high-performing business owners like you who want to overcome strategic obstacles and personal limitations so you can step into more profitability and the freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labor on your own terms.

I found Dana at a pivotal point in my business development. I had reached the 10k/month mark, but was experiencing a lot of psychological blocks around how to take the business to the next level.

I worked with Dana for a year and my mindset around growth was transformed. Today my business is grossing 100k+ a month and the mindset strategies Dana shared will stay with me forever.”

Claire Giovino

Co-Founder & CEO of

My expertise extends far beyond conventional business strategies.

Because scaling is not the one and only way to grow your company.

And being “The Boss” is keeping you from becoming the CEO you’re called to be.

I’ve been building businesses and mentoring industry leaders for more than forty years. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, from small-business owners to C-Suite Executives and Fortune 500 companies. And with an educational background in neurobiology, I’m uniquely positioned to help you implement strategic solutions, elevate your mindset, and break through the barriers impeding your path to success.


87% of my clients double their revenue within a year of working with me.

92% of my clients clock 33% fewer hours at work by the end of our engagement.

99% of my clients report they are truly satisfied with their work/life balance.

Are you next?

Cultivate more alignment, more impact, and more ROI.

I challenge ambitious, high-achieving entrepreneurs to redefine success on their own terms by focusing on the 3 Imperatives of Business Owners:

Your Time. Take back your time and implement operational excellence to unleash unprecedented growth so you can enjoy time spaciousness, creative freedom, and personal time off.

Your Money. Make the dollars add up to more revenue and more profits so you can achieve your most audacious ambitions and revel in the fruits of your labor.

Your Growth. Elevate your personal development and expand your perspective so you can become the leader you want to be.

When we work together, we’ll craft bespoke solutions that close the gaps in your operations and foster expansive opportunities for you and your company.

Because your business is about the work you want to do and the life you want to live.

I’ve doubled my monthly revenues!

“I’ve implemented systems that help me delegate and trust my team has what they need to succeed. And in my personal life (cause it’s all connected), I’m taking vacations, short days to be with my kids, and scheduling date nights with my husband!

…There are so few people in our lives that will truly see us and our business without bias and tell us what we need to hear. Dana does that with patience, love, and the occasional swear word if I need to hear it! I am so grateful.”

Lisa Najdek

Founder & Bookkeeper, Evergreen Bookkeeping LLC

Welcome to the next chapter of your success story.

Revolutionize your revenue and the way you think, operate, and lead.

Catapult Immersion® is an elite, one-on-one, strategic consulting engagement created exclusively for ambitious, high-performing business owners. If you’ve already unlocked your first millions – or are almost there – this dynamic, personalized growth container will empower you to break through the business barriers and internal blocks slowing your meteoric rise to success. Get ready to elevate your mindset, execute with excellence, and double your revenue.

Accelerate Your Growth and Increase Your ROI

Who says slow and steady wins the race?

Succeed on your own terms.

You’ve already poured years of grit, determination, and endless hours of hard work into building your business. You’ve established a reputation for delivering sensational results, and you’ve got seven figures in revenue to prove it. It’s time to get the strategic support you need to multiply that money and unlock opportunities you thought would be years in the making.

My business is now up 300% — and this is just the beginning…

“As a classically trained artist, business was not a part of my curriculum. I have been self-taught and hustled to understand marketing, pricing, systems, and business development.

My jewelry business is now in its sixth year of business…I’d known Dana for four years and knew I would work with her when the time was right. In the spring of 2022, I reached a plateau. My business revenue was increasing 200% from the year before, but I was barely making ends meet and knew that I was missing some crucial components that couldn’t be self-taught.

Through my work with Dana, I have a completely different mental energy and flourishing mindset. My business is now up 300% — and this is just the beginning. I’ve gained back my life and have time for my 2-year-old and husband. I’m even more jazzed about my craft and have the support in place to allow me the space to create.

Allison Ullmer

Owner & Jeweler, Ringed

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