You’re a trailblazing
business leader on a mission.

Daring, driven, and discerning, you’ve built your company from the ground up to your first million (or close to it) – and you’re not done yet.

You aren’t afraid of evolution or revolution.

You’re committed to growing yourself and your company, and you’ve established a reputation for excellence and audacious aspirations along the way.

You’ve already achieved impressive milestones, but if you’re going to take your business to the next level, you need to:
Shift what you believe is true about work, wealth, and success and the self-limiting beliefs born of your internal narratives.
Challenge your understanding and expectations of how a business should operate – and why.
Bring the same passion and curiosity to your own growth and development that you bring to building your company.
Integrate and honor your personal biorhythms in your planning strategies and scheduling practices so you can be more grounded, efficient, and effective.
Realign your offers and sales activities with data-driven strategies and evidence-based decision-making processes so you can make more money and more of an impact.
I created Catapult Immersion® to offer a dynamic, personalized, strategic growth container specifically for ambitious, high-achieving business owners like you.

As a high-performance business strategist and private consultant, I’ve been building businesses and mentoring industry leaders for over four decades. And with an educational background in neurobiology, I’m uniquely positioned to help you overcome internal limitations and elevate your mindset to break through the barriers impeding your path to success.

Working with hundreds of clients, from small-business owners to C-Suite Executives and Fortune 500 companies, I’ve cultivated a unique context for understanding what businesses and business owners need to thrive.

87% of my clients double their revenue within a year of working with me.

92% of my clients clock 33% fewer hours at work by the end of our engagement.

99% of my clients report they are truly satisfied with their work/life balance.

My income tripled!

I was able to get a better mindset and perspective. My team grew, and my income tripled working with Dana.

Michael Knouse

Michael Knouse Coaching

Discover a proven path to success.

Catapult Immersion® is an elite, custom-crafted journey of growth and development for visionary leaders who dare to challenge their own limits, redefine their personal narratives, and unlock unprecedented success.

This nine-month, one-on-one, personalized business strategy engagement includes:

High-Touch Support

Weekly 60-minute strategy sessions to deep dive into your business needs and maximize your profits.
Community Mastermind Experience

A 2-Day Virtual VIP Intensive to connect with other high-performing business owners, sharing insights and expertise and fostering an intimate network of mutual support and collaboration.

“After Hours” Access

Reach out via text and/or Voxer for in-the-moment guidance and expertise outside our regular strategy calls. Plus, urgent in-between calls in time-sensitive circumstances ensure you have the support you need when you need it.

I specifically limit the number of clients I serve because I’m committed to being present and providing unparalleled personalized support and guidance to those ready to embark on this transformative journey.
Are you ready to revolutionize your revenue and the way you think, operate, and lead?

I saw a 30% increase in profit.

If you’re like me, you’re looking for HARD EVIDENCE regarding what you’ll get from working with Dana. While I can’t tell you exactly what magic she’ll spin for you, I CAN tell you that I saw a 30% increase in profit, achieved a much healthier monthly income-to-expenses ratio, and went from feeling like my business was running ME to confidently knowing that I was running my business.

Dana gets into the trenches with you and provides insights that, quite honestly, I was blind to. It’s like having a personal expert who is helping you improve your business operations, client relationships, AND mental health, all rolled into one!

If you’re on the fence about making the investment, take it from a fellow skeptic — working with Dana has irrevocably changed my business for the better and put me on a path to success.

Angela Bryant

Owner & Principal, Nest-Egg Digital

Catapult Immersion® is an exclusive opportunity for trailblazing leaders who are ready to shatter their limits, redefine their personal narratives, and unlock unprecedented success.

Embrace a more expansive success story.

Prepare to dismantle your self-imposed limitations and embrace a mindset that serves your ongoing success. Through the fascinating lens of neuroscience, we will dive deep into the inner workings of your subconscious beliefs, identify self-limiting patterns, and rewire your internal narratives. Drawing on scientifically proven practices, you’ll craft a visionary narrative that propels you toward your goals with clarity and intention.

Redefine your relationship with wealth and success.

Together, we’ll challenge your perception of money, abundance, and the path to prosperity. By addressing and reframing deep-seated beliefs around scarcity and success, you’ll shift your mindset and begin to operate from a position of being deeply resourced and aligned with your values.

Break through the revenue barrier by redefining wealth and abundance on your terms.

Execute Operational Excellence.

Step into an innovative container where practical business activities become a dynamic playground of opportunity. Curate game-changing solutions with a strategic, personalized approach that nurtures long-term growth and abundant profits. Streamline workflows and standardize processes so you can work less and enjoy your time off without guilt or stress. Cultivate a culture where growth and experimentation flourish, innovating expansive opportunities.

Experience the transformative power of operational excellence, tailored to meet your needs and achieve your most audacious goals.

Pursue personal growth and ignite professional success.

Nurture your own internal development and take your company to the next level. Using proven methodologies, empowering personal practices, and resilience-building techniques, you’ll develop an unshakable sense of conviction and confidence, equipping you to navigate any business landscape.

Elevate your leadership presence.
Learn how to inspire and motivate your team, foster a culture of innovation, and create an environment that attracts top talent. As you lead from a place of authenticity, you’ll not only transform your own journey but also create an empowering environment for your team to thrive.
Amplify your impact and make more money.
Enhance your pipeline, expand your profit margin, and double your revenue by diving deep into your data and getting crystal clear on the results that offer extraordinary value to your clients and create an abundant ROI for your company.

Together we’ll close the money leaks, enhance your offer suite, and align your pricing to reflect the excellence you bring to the table and the superlative value that you deliver.

Catapult Your
Business to New Heights

I bring decades of building businesses and mentoring industry leaders to help you unravel the tangible business actions and the mental obstacles slowing your meteoric rise to success.

I’ve used this comprehensive approach to help hundreds of business owners make more money and redefine their role as the CEO of their business – on their own terms.

And I’m here to walk alongside you as your very own personal business strategist, expert guide, and partner-in-growth, every step of the way.

Just wanted to share that since we’ve been working together, although I have been working on my own business a bunch and feeling like I haven’t had as much client work, I have had the best back-to-back financial success months in YEARS. THANK YOU!

Kate Anchev

Owner | Outbox Outline Design Studio

We Measure Success in Real Life Results

Imagine it’s nine months from now, and you are:

Working significantly less…

and not just revenue, but an actual increase in profits & cash flow.

Making way more money…

and not just revenue, but an actual increase in profits & cash flow.

Unlocking opportunities you’ve been dreaming of…

and bringing possibilities to life that you thought would be years in the making.

Falling back in love with your work…

and the way your business empowers you to live life on your own terms.

Your business is on fire, and you’ve never felt so fulfilled.

Your company is more profitable than ever.

You have a talented team of experts in their own fields working together to bring your vision to life — and you trust them to deliver the results you need.

Everyone is on the same page and moving forward together.

You’ve elevated your mindset, expanded your capacity, and in challenging your own limitations, you’ve redefined success on your own terms.

Now you’re luxuriating in the fruits of your labor and pursuing possibilities that once lived only in your wildest dreams.

This is your life after Catapult Immersion®.

Are you next in line?

Catapult Immersion® is an exclusive program designed for discerning individuals who are committed to reaching unprecedented levels of success.

This is not a mass-market offering. It’s a high-ticket investment in your future, ensuring you receive the utmost personalized attention and guidance.

Catapult Immersion® delivers the best results for ambitious, high-achieving business owners who:

Prioritize learning and personal development as an essential part of your life
Are ready and willing to recognize where you’ve become the bottleneck in your business – and break through those barriers
Are searching for a new perspective to expand your personal and professional growth

Are not afraid to experiment, ask questions, and gladly step up when opportunity calls


Are open — and ready! — to embrace a new journey of growth and discovery


Are committed to exploring the full depth and breadth of what you’re capable of achieving

This program is a high-level investment in yourself and your business, reserved for visionary leaders like you who are ready to achieve extraordinary results.

Space in Catapult Immersion® is extremely limited to ensure alignment, as I devote my full attention to each participant. If you’re a high-performing business owner ready to double your revenue and revolutionize your business, I invite you to apply for a one-on-one alignment call.

Apply now and take the first step toward an extraordinary future with Catapult Immersion®.

The next chapter of your success story starts here.