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Celebrating YOU!

Happy Independence Day to you!

These days, July 4th is a day of BBQs, fireworks, and sangria with friends.

And I totally support that!

But, before you finish that potato salad (and maybe go back for another burger or brat)…

Let’s talk about what this day is all about.

I mean, we are all here celebrating you!

Did you know that?

They might as well call this “Entrepreneur’s Day”

Our Founding Fathers were entrepreneurs after all.

They left a domineering monarchy to begin their “start-up” country…

Just like you left your corporate 9-5 to start your awesome business.

Jefferson and Franklin would be so proud. (Perhaps you would have been on a first name basis and called them Tom and Ben…)

Everyone who starts a business is seeking some sort of freedom.

Did you know there are different types?

In the case of entrepreneurship, it comes in three degrees: when, how much, and where.

WHEN is often found in freelancing.

Freelancers get to make their own schedule, which is awesome.

However, they’re (usually) a one-person shop, so no workey, no money.

They typically bust ass and don’t take a ton of vacations…but they get to decide when they are going to work.

Too busy? No thanks.

Don’t like the client or project? I’ll pass.

Sweet freedom.

HOW MUCH is the next level.

In addition to when they work, this individual built a business model that lets them determine how much they personally need to do.

They might have a small team, allowing them to take some time away.

Margaritas on the beach anyone?

They still need to get in the trenches most of the time – they aren’t completely free from working – but there is a little more flexibility because there are others to lean on.

The better the support staff, the greater freedom.

This leads us to the highest level of entrepreneurial freedom: WHERE.

Once you have the freedom of when and how much, the next level to tackle is where.

This entrepreneur creates a business they can do from anywhere.

It is scalable and has an aspect of passivity to it.

What I mean is, the business can chug along without too much input from you.

That can come via a variety of income streams or by other means, but the general idea is – you make money even when you aren’t physically working.

In the case of Benjamin Franklin, he had multiple streams of income that were always working for him. This allowed him to live in Europe, befriend kings and queens, and help shape a new country while making money on two continents. Pretty cool.

As entrepreneurs, we all decide our place on the scale.

While each one has different benefits, they also come with different levels of effort.

It takes a lot of hustle to get your business to the where stage (sadly, it doesn’t start out that way).

And for some people it isn’t worth it – they are content in the when or how much stage – and that’s great.

Today, think about your ideal business independence: when, where or how much?

And, celebrate being on the road of freedom. No matter where you are on it, you deserve a pat on the back…and maybe an extra treat at the BBQ.

Until then…stay passionate!

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