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Step out of the daily minutiae and into an Expansion Experience

The first thing you need to do is take a deep breath, relax, and let go. Expansion means room to thrive, to put down new roots, and grow to new heights.

Become a prospector of possibility, of new flavors, scents, perspectives, a different way of doing things, and a new way of being.

Incubate Inspiration.
Give yourself time, space, and freedom to explore new opportunities and learn new things as you immerse yourself in the old warm charm of a secluded paradise. Lose track of time touring museums and medieval architecture, sampling local cuisine, horseback riding along the coast, or indulging in an afternoon siesta on the beach.
Cultivate Community.

Share the journey with an intimate cohort of successful, established business owners who understand where you’re coming from and what you’re going through because they’ve been there, too. Create connections that will embolden you to envision your next level of success — and create a plan to get there. Forge lifelong friendships with a carefully curated network of peers who will inspire, encourage and support you through business challenges and life’s most daring adventures.

Experience Expansion.
When you open yourself up to new experiences and ideas, you expand your idea of what is possible and reconnect with your inner Creative Visionary. Daily group coaching sessions make easy work of unraveling the knots that were tangling up your operations while you swap stories, expertise, and create memories to last a lifetime. In this safe, supportive, inspiring space, the challenges you’re facing in your business shift to reveal opportunities where you only saw obstacles before.

As your guide on this journey, I encourage the group to lean into new experiences, new ideas, new flavors, sights, and smells. The world around us becomes a playground of discovery as we explore museums, historic sites, and natural wonders, immersing ourselves in local craft and culture, uncovering possibilities that you never imagined existed.

This Expansion Experience was made for you if…

You’re a high-achieving entrepreneur that is ready for your next level of success.
You’re adventurous and appreciate the importance of achieving your goals as an individual, a business owner, and as a community.

You’re searching for a new perspective to expand your growth.


You crave connection, community, and friendship with people who “get you.”

You go with the flow and embrace the beauty of a journey – both mentally and physically.
You are not afraid to explore, ask questions, and gladly step up when opportunity calls.
You crave support and accountability and lean in when faced with a challenge.
You are open — and ready! — to embrace any new environment.

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“I so enjoyed Dana’s thoughtfully planned Portugal retreat. It provided a perfect balance of time for reflection and exploration. We were able to take time each day to reflect on specific topics, and Dana provided an environment for us to write and collect our thoughts. The city of Lisbon and its surrounding areas was absolutely a beautiful backdrop and enjoyed new experiences without worrying about the details. Would definitely do it again.”

Morgan Graham
Experiences for Mankind

Your Expansion Experience Passport includes:

A week of luxury accommodations

as you enjoy an entrepreneurial adventure in an exotic locale

Roundtrip Transportation

from and to the airport/accommodation site

Daily group business coaching sessions

designed to connect your travel experience to your business dreams and begin planning the steps of your next level.

Private, guided tours

exclusively for our group of entrepreneurs. We’ll see a large number of local sites and activities.

3 Gorgeous Nourish Dinners

prepared by local chefs, including local wine.

5 breathtaking breakfasts

designed to give you energy and prime your body for a day of expansion.

An intimate, exclusive community

of successful entrepreneurs and business owners that will inspire you to envision and then execute your next level of success.
Plus! Free time to explore

on your own, pursue your passions, and indulge your curiosity.

“I have not traveled much outside the US so my only expectations come from movies and media. It was great to have an expansive trip with a daily plan well figured out! Not needing to schedule transportation, decipher the best sites or even figure out how to order food made it simple to take in a new culture and see the different views of another culture.

I couldn’t help but change the lens I looked through every day in this very different land. Dana allowed our minds to open up and really see and take in how things can be different. This made me reflect on the sameness of my everyday and see the possibilities of new and different actions.

I founded a new company just 2 months after returning from this trip. Solving one specific client’s problems and embracing my role as the visionary. All while understanding even more deeply my role and who I need on the team to be successful.”

Kurt Mclaughlin

Apartment Maintenance, LLC

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“I said yes to going on this amazing experience not once but twice.

Wow! The trips themselves were trips of a lifetime. Being immersed in another culture and being completely outside of my comfort zone was life-changing. Especially for an introvert.

Cooking classes, beautiful restaurants, tours of castles, catamaran ride with dolphins, just to name a few of my favorites. What I didn’t expect was how I would feel about my business when I returned. I was so recharged and excited to get back to work. To work outside of my comfort zone more and really create a business that will support my life.”

Jennifer Buchanan

Owner of Bethany Massage & Spa

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