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How to Elevate the Client Experience (and Your Profit Margin)

If you’re looking at your business and feel like you need to attract more clients, popular perspective might suggest that you have a lead generation problem. 

Realistically, it’s more likely that you have a client retention problem.

Lead generation is a hot topic, but I’m more concerned with the money you’re leaving on the table while you obsess over your pipeline. 

Put simply – you need to spend more time taking care of the clients that you already have. 

Your clients have never had more options than they do in our increasingly globalized, modern world, but they chose you.

They already chose YOU.

You don’t need to convince them to work with you; you just need to keep them coming back.

Business is About Relationships

A quick look at the most ubiquitous brands today would quickly reveal a targeted and consistent focus on perpetuating a sense of camaraderie and personal relationship with their clientele.

Especially through the pandemic, we’ve seen a lot of “in it together” branding from big corporations hardly known for their personal approach. 

Those multi-million-dollar marketing teams know that when their customers feel seen and recognized, they keep coming back.

Because business is about relationships, and they know it.

You don’t need a multi-million-dollar ad campaign to make your clients feel appreciated.

When I work with my Catapult clients, I take them through a simple series of questions to help them tune in to what their clients really need and what makes them feel valued–because that is what keeps them coming back for more of your magic sauce. 

And it’s one of the reasons that more than 90% of my clients double (or triple!) their revenue within 18 months of working with me.

Communication is Key

Be sure your clients know exactly what level of communication they can expect over the course of your work together. While you’re at it, ask them how they prefer to communicate and what channels they like to use. Baking this kind of personalization into your approach ensures that your clients feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

You’re the specialist here; you know all the things. It’s your job to make sure your client has all the information they need without getting overwhelmed by unnecessary details.

That means setting clear parameters and expectations from the very beginning. This approach fosters trust and erases tension – people are so much happier when they know what to expect.  

It’s showing up and delivering superlative results.

It’s maintaining consistent standards and communication from the moment the onboarding process begins until the contract is complete and the final invoice has been paid – and beyond.

It’s finding ways to quietly and consistently continue to show up and support your clients so that they know you’re there for them if and when they need more.  

Create Clarity from the Start

Creating a customizable onboarding package is a great way to foster connection with every client and clarity for every project.

You don’t have to get complicated. 

Here are 6 simple steps to elevate your onboarding process:

Create a document to make your own onboarding template. Once you’re done, you can use this as your master document: simply create a copy and update it every time you sign a new client or begin a new project.

Layout any dates or deadlines included in the contract, as well as when they can expect deliverables.

Include who to contact for support. If this variable changes depending on the concern or stage of the project, make a point of clearly stating those details.

Outline what you need from your client to ensure a successful engagement. That means any data or assets that need to be shared with you and your team, as well as deadlines for those submissions, and any impact on the project timeline if they’re missed.

Create an FAQ section that addresses your client’s most common questions and concerns so that they have the answers they need when they need them.

Attach any resources you want to share, as well as a brief description for each one. This ensures that your clients always have the context they need.

Serve Your Clients Intentionally

Human beings are wired for connection. When you take the time to establish expectations and develop a rapport, you show your clients that you’re willing to meet them where they are and that you value them – that they matter. 

In a world where being a customer often makes people feel like a number, the personal approach leaves a lasting impression that sets you apart and keeps your clients coming back for more.

Intentional client care is the investment strategy that will catapult your business, 

and that revenue line, to consistent, sustainable growth and profitability.

Having these systems and processes in place makes the minutiae more manageable. It streamlines the workload so that you can focus on delivering excellence for each and every one of your clients.

But they’re not the only ones who could benefit from some personalized support.

I know you’re already juggling your business’ needs, client expectations, and trying to have some semblance of a life–the last thing you want is to add another line to your To Do List. 

Just because you own your business doesn’t mean you have to do all the work all alone.  I’m here to offer the strategic guidance, personal support, and expert perspective you need to elevate your client’s experience AND your profit margin.

Work one-on-one with me for nine months, and we’ll refine your systems, processes, and workflows to create consistency and ease for you, your clients, and your team. 

Together, we’ll use past client data to pinpoint exactly who your best clients are, what they’re really looking for, and make sure their needs and the results you deliver are perfectly aligned. 

We’ll refine your pipeline strategy so that your pipeline readily refills with new clients while you keep your best clients coming back for more. 

Are you committed to growing your business with intention, delivering more value to your clients, and increasing your profitability?

If you’re ready to invest in the support you need to Catapult you, your clients, and your business to new heights, send me a message and tell me what that looks like. Let’s discuss priorities and possibilities and find out if I’m the right coach to help you make it happen. 

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