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Leaders Who Need Leaders

There’s more to becoming a leader and a winner than just hard work and hope.

Seriously. (duh!)

Consider Grammy Award-winning musicians and Emmy Award-winning actors, or even business people and entrepreneurs like Oprah or even Jeff Bezos – they all have had someone behind them pushing them to each next level.

Because every time you reach a new phase of your own growth, you get comfortable and need help surpassing it and moving on to the next one.

It’s called expansion.

It’s called power growth.

It’s called being willing to learn from those who know.

Many people confuse “those who know” with “those who have accomplished”.

But they are definitely not the same thing.

Sergey Brin’s coach did not exceed Sergey’s earnings nor his powerhouse growth. Nor did Oprah’s coach. Nor did Taylor Swift’s. Nor did Zach King’s.

These phenoms didn’t make their marks on their work ethic, alone. They each relied on a coach to help them evolve.

The same way that my clients rely on me to help them evolve.

It’s Not About What They’ve Done

Martha Beck, though she’s made millions coaching coaches like Oprah, has not come close to Oprah’s level of success.

Norma Garbo, voice coach to Taylor Swift, is the same.

While she and Martha are both well-known among the people they coach, most people don’t know their names.

How can people like Martha and Norma, who haven’t personally experienced such heights, set up these industry leaders for ultimate success?

As Martha Beck has been quoted saying,

Coaching is not like school, and it’s not like therapy. It’s a conversation between equals,” she explained, “where one person volunteers to be a leader by serving the other’s life quest for truth.”

That’s how.

Beyond the “Quest for Truth”

Truthfully, it gets a little trickier beyond life coaching or voice lessons.

When we get into the how-to’s of business, you need a  coach who has at least gotten her clients the results that you’re looking for.

Honestly, you can get to $100K on your own. Maybe you can get to $200K or even $500K.

But can you shift your approach, perspective and leadership style to shift you you’ve been being to reach that place of success, to who you’re going to have to BE to lead your company to sustainable growth?

Of course you can.

But it’ll be tough. Very tough. And full of pitfalls.

Because you need a different brain to get you to those levels.

You have to be able to think and see in ways that aren’t instinctive and since you’ve never been there before, figuring it out on your own can be difficult.

At those levels, you need someone who can advise, direct and counsel you on the best activities for you.

To help you create new systems for reaching greater numbers of potential buyers, for new and innovative ideas on retaining old buyers, and for being able to service the current buyers.

Without burning yourself out, breaking the bank or taking your eye off all the other balls in the air.

Business is business. No matter where you run it…online or off…so you need to stand hand-in-hand with someone who knows how to get results.

In January, I have three spots for the business owner who is looking for exactly what we’ve been talking about today. You need next level results.

Galvanize Circles is your answer.

Until next time…stay passionate!

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