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Reasons Halloween Is The Worst

I hate Halloween.

It is absolutely, without a doubt, my least favorite holiday.

You may think I am the Grinch of Al Hallows’ Eve…

And quite frankly…

You would be right.

Let me tell you three reasons why Halloween is the worst.

1) It makes me feel like a bad mom.

I am great at a lot of things.

I can be creative…but not in that way.

I could never come up with great costumes for my kids.

Fortunately, I got through all that before the era of Pinterest.

I don’t know how you all do it!

All those moms (or professionals posing as moms) filling the internet with remarkable costumes they claim are “easy” or can be done in “under an hour” but you know they definitely took at least three weeks…

No thank you.

2) Trick or treating is no fun.

Everything about trick or treating is bad for an adult.

I love my kids, but have you been to the Pacific Northwest in late October?


It is rainy and cold and dark.

And, as much as I love chasing after my kids late at night while hurling a pillowcase of candy over my shoulder…

Oh wait.

No I don’t.

That sounds like the worst.

You may suggest that I could be the one to stay home and hand out candy.

Unfortunately, that isn’t my bag either.

I hate when people ring the doorbell and I am in the middle of something.

I would rather just turn off the lights and pretend to not be home.

3) OMG – the candy.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

We keep our kids from eating candy every day…

And then let them go bananas a few times a year.

They bounce off the walls and it is impossible to settle them down.

I didn’t want them to gorge on candy for a week, but I also didn’t want that candy to last until the next sugar-filled holiday came around…

So I started rationing two pieces of candy a day.

But, alas, the kids would inevitably forget about it and we threw it away…which felt like a waste.

Yes, I truly hate Halloween.

And you may be asking yourself why this is relevant today.

Well, I realized over the years that I needed to suck it up, and enjoy it for the sake of my kids.

Business has plenty of opportunities like that.

You may not always love every aspect of your business, and sometimes you may even hate parts, but getting it done with a smile on your face is the right way to proceed.

Thankfully, my kids are grown up now, so I can hate Halloween with a cocktail in my hand!

Cheers To Freedom!

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