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The #1 Killer Of Business (The Infamous Jack and Bill Story…)

Do you know the story of Jack and Bill?

Not to be confused with the ever popular Jack and Jill hill story.

It’s a short story, but it’s packed with invaluable business insights that any independent business owner should know.

If you don’t know it, there’s a big chance you could be wasting a lot of time in your business…

And when you waste a lot of time in your business you waste a lot of…

MONEY! You miss out on a lot of money too.

So, let’s stop beating around the bush. Here’s the infamous story of Jack and Bill…

Jack and Bill both went into business

To make their dreams come true

Jack got a plan and went to work

While Bill bought every shiny object he could find (that he probably didn’t need) even if he hadn’t fully completed and taken in the last program he bought… Which lead him to never actually implement anything, thereby pushing his dreams further and further away…

True story :)

Seriously through…

If you don’t have a solid, actionable plan that you LOVE, you’ll pick up any idea that sounds good enough… until you hear about a NEW, shiny, good enough idea.

Some call this shiny object syndrome.

I know I had it when I first started out…

Until I had a serious heart to heart with myself. I asked the all important questions…

Do I want to be good enough, or so good people can’t help but want to work with me?

I think you know which one I chose.


I pass the torch and ask you the same question:

Do you want to be good enough, or so good people can’t help but want to work with you?

Honey child, you better not answer “good enough”…

Not while I’m around.

You are more than enough. Maybe your plan isn’t 100% there yet, but what you have to offer to your clients, to your business, to humanity is MORE than enough and MORE than needed.

It’s time to kick that shiny object syndrome to the curb.

If the main “block” keeping you from having the business of your dreams is that your story looks more like Bill’s story than like Jack’s story, you’re in luck…

There is a remedy.

It’s called:


…BUT…and there is a but…

There is a wrong way to make a plan.

I’ll tell you all about that in next week’s DOD.

Until next time…Stay BIG…and stop hanging out with Bill.

PS: Did you like the story of Jack and Bill? Who are you more like? What are you going to do to become even more like Jack? Let me know in the comments below?

Until then… stay passionate!

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