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The Struggle is Real – It’s Time to Let Go So You Can Move Forward

There is a tug – a nagging feeling – inside each of us.

Have you felt it?

It is a feeling that makes it difficult to move forward sometimes.

We don’t want to start planning until we have completed what we are in.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always serve us (or our businesses) very well.

So, it can be necessary to compartmentalize a bit.

Last week, my post focused on your accomplishments from this year – it is important to celebrate those and learn from them.

Now, it is time to think about anything you did not do – and let it go.

I know. Letting go seems hard. But I promise, it is necessary to move forward. And, I have a tried and true method that works.

First, you need to get a lot of slips of paper and a pen.

Second, think about all those things that you haven’t finished, anything that isn’t complete, or anything that is nagging at you and hanging over your head.

And write each one on its own slip of paper.

All of them.

I mean it.

Here are some sample questions to get you thinking.

What projects have sat unfinished?

Are there any goals you have not reached?

What did you not do this year that you had planned on doing?

If in doubt, write it down. (Honestly, if it comes up in some fashion when you are doing this exercise, it is probably weighing on you more than you think.)

Now that you have all of your items written down, take a moment to think about them.

One at a time.

First, decide if the item was something you didn’t do because it was no longer in line with where you were going. If that is the case – celebrate not having done it.

If, on the other hand, this was something you really wanted and it didn’t happen…

You need to forgive yourself.

What I like to do is take each of my pieces of paper, twist them, and burn them in the sink. (Obviously, be safe if you choose to try this method yourself.)

It is kind of like the Chinese Lantern Festival – which uses paper lanterns that drift off into the night sky as a symbol of letting go of your past self so you can make room for a new version of you.

Isn’t that beautiful?

Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

Do it now.

Let go and release each one of these incomplete items.

Picture them flying away – they are no longer your responsibility.

(Another really beautiful way to do this – if you are fire-conscious – would be to fold the papers into little boats or flowers, and then let them float down a stream, away from your responsibility and consciousness.)

Now that you have let go of what could be weighing you down and holding you back, it is all about creating what is to come. And I am really excited about that.

Until then…stay passionate!


Until then… stay passionate!

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