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They’ll Bypass Everyone Else to Get to You

Customers expect orders to be filled. They don’t always expect their hearts to be filled.

But if you unexpectedly provide that?

They’ll come running back to you the next time and the next time and the next time.

When you do more than give people what they pay for, you create an experience for them that speaks to their need to really connect on a much more personal level.

The problem is that so many business owners cut those corners with intentions to “one day” go the extra mile.

If you’re creative, you can construct an experience that makes deep impressions easily and immediately. Right now.

Especially if you work with a coach whose nucleus is literally made of connection, experience and nourishment (the three facets of outstanding business). Ahem ;)

It Works

I teach clients no matter what you sell, whether a product or service, you can take extra steps that feel small to you, but have great impact.

For example, I have a client who owns a café and tripled their Facebook five-star reviews and return clientele, simply by ensuring customers feel like guests instead of customers.

They greet each individual as they walk in, taking time to have small conversations as they serve them and actually get to know a bit about them. This makes the space inviting for those who want the comfort of a homey living room feel, while catering to the needs of those who are interested in more of an in and out experience.

And it never fails, people respond with “great hospitality” in their reviews and they return again and again, simply because they feel “at home” and taken care of there.

Sound familiar? Look up “Cheers” one day, if you’re not old enough to know it.

I use this advice even in my own business. What? Did you think I don’t practice what I preach? You know me better than that!

I designed my Galvanize sessions to be an intimate group (never more than 4), as opposed to a large group, so that I can really roll my sleeves up and take the time with each client that they deserve.

When you are a Catapult Immersion client, all your needs are taken care of while you’re with me in my office, from the food and beverages you like best, to your physical comfort.

My philosophy is that the better you’re taken care of, pampered even, the easier it is for your mind to work optimally. And it is an experience you’ll tell others about.

Likewise, one chiropractor client wanted to create a unique experience for his clients, mostly trauma victims. His goal was to make them more feel relaxed…and give them reason to come back.

So we developed a strategy that made him stand out in his crowded industry and word got around via his clients that he was more than a chiro, but also a trusted friend.

The Side Effect of Going Above & Beyond

There’s another perk of creating a real emotional connection… referrals.

Your clients won’t think twice about handing your name to their people because they trust you. You make them feel seen, heard, and understood. And they want others to experience the same.

When you have that kind of connection, people will drive across the city to YOUR store, or seek out YOUR service, bypassing dozens in the same industry just because they want the extra oomph you provide.

Customers like to get what they pay for, but they do not expect their hearts to be filled in the process. So they reciprocate when the latter takes place.

If you want to make a lasting impression, an impression that speaks beyond the money, that has them driving across town to your store, or scrolling past all other sites in your niche, then think long and hard about how you can take small steps to create big impact and magnificent experiences for your customers.

Because if you can think beyond the dollar, you will grow faster, farther.

It’s all about the experience.

The connection.

The emotion.

That’s what creates their need to bypass all of your competition to get to you.

Until next time…stay passionate!

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