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My Whacky And Crazy Way To Get What You Want (And Make It A BIG SUCCESS…)

There once was a guy named Jimmy who was dating a girl named Loraine…

After a while, Jimmy started to lose interest in their relationship and he met a girl named Clearly. (Stick with me here. I promise there’s a point.)

When the time came Jimmy was going to tell Loraine about Clearly, he took her on a walk along the beach. As they made their way down the beach, a huge wave swallowed Loraine whole into the ocean never to be seen again… Jimmy was so relieved he didn’t have to tell Loraine about Clearly that he skipped the rest of the way down the beach singing…”I can see Clearly now Loraine is gone…”

I know… lame joke.

But it packs a powerful lesson: my whacky and crazy way for getting what you want.

What is it?

Getting really, really, crystal clear on what you want BEFORE you take any action to get it.

Makes sense, right? But most business owners, especially women business owners, are so set on making big money, growing their business, and getting out there on their own that they jump, head first, without actually understanding what it is they’re aiming for.

You won’t hit your target, if you don’t know what or where you’re aiming.

In other words, if you don’t know what you really and truly want, you won’t know the best way to get there.

Use Jimmy as our example…

He didn’t take Loraine to the beach to break the bad news to her first. He waited until he got CLEAR(ly). Okay, silly example.

Here’s a real-life one… (Don’t worry. I got full permission to share this personal information with you.)

One of my Rock Star Team Members just recently experienced the tell-tale symptoms of not being crystal clear on what she wanted out of her own business. She was…

  • Working 10+ hours a day, 6 days a week
  • Sacrificing personal and family time to “catch up” on work.
  • Struggling to grow her business because she dug herself into a giant hole of seemingly endless tasks to do…with no way to get out
  • Feeling really overwhelmed, anxious, and about ready to check herself into a looney bin.

At some point, she said, she even felt like there was absolutely nothing she could do about the overwhelming and overworked situation she had put herself in. Until…

She decided to take my advice (HA! Genius! I pay her AND she gets coaching from me… she made out like a bandit!)

She sat down and got -in her own words- super f***ing clear on what I wanted.

And now…

She has a brand new structure for her business that is designed to keep her out of the looney bin, growing her bank account, and serve her clients in a HUGE way that she never could have with her old way of doing things. AND… she’s been able to cut her work hours in half. Yes. She went from 10 hour days to 5 hour days.

Without pointing out the obvious, I think you can CLEARLY see how powerful getting really clear on what you want can do for you…

It shows you the target. Tells you where to aim.

It gets you what you want.

What will you do this week to get EVEN clearer on what you want for your business? for your relationship? for your BIG SUCCESS? So you don’t have to end up like Loraine – beached. Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time… stay PASSIONATE!

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