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What is the “Why” Behind Your Business Growth Investment Plan?

The new year is just around the corner – what comes next for your business?

How are you investing in growing your company?


‘Tis the season for new goals and new year’s resolutions, and every business leader and entrepreneur I know is asking themselves the first two questions. Because in the midst of figuring out the “what?” and “how?” of achieving your goals for your business, it’s easy to lose sight of the “why?” behind it all.

“What” and “how” drive the action that creates results, moving the dial and building momentum, offering measurable metrics and the promise of progress.

But your “why” gives your plan a purpose and aligns your actions with your vision. It brings clarity to the goals you’re setting, empowering you to invest in growing your business with intention. 

The Original Why Behind Your Business

When you’ve spent years building your company, juggling the day-to-day demands of doing the work tends to eclipse almost everything else. You forget how far you’ve already come and sometimes even lose sight of what inspired you to start this journey in the first place.

Beyond the need to make money to survive, we all want to do meaningful work. This is why taking time to reflect and root yourself in the why behind your business is essential. 

Why did you start your business?

Why do you want to do what your company does?

Why does it matter to you?

Be honest with yourself and get specific. Dig into the why behind the why. The more authentic you are in answering these questions, the more clarity you’ll bring to your next steps. 

Why Do Your Goals Matter?

In the world of business, you measure growth quarter over quarter, year over year, in revenue, profitability, and KPIs. You follow the numbers to inform your decisions and create strategies to achieve your goals.

The metrics might be your measure, but your “why” gives them meaning. 

Where do you want to go next in your business? Why?

What outcomes do you expect as a result of achieving those goals? Why are they important?

What will those accomplishments enable you to be or do or have? Why does that matter to you?

Excavating the aspirations and expectations behind your goals offers insight that aligns your growth with your values and inspires you to keep moving forward.

Using Why to Fuel What’s Next

We often ask why something did or didn’t work at the end of a project, but when you practice asking why throughout the planning process, you gain access to more information and consciously expand your perspective.

What strategies are you implementing to achieve your goals? Why?

How do you want the process to feel? Why is this important to you?

Where are you investing time, money, and labor? Why are these your priorities?

What steps have you chosen not to take? Why not?

What tools, resources, or additional support do you need to execute your plan? Why are they necessary?

What milestones are you using to mark your progress? Why are they valuable?

How will you measure success? Why is this measure significant?

Asking “why?” every step of the way positions you to be more intentional about the decisions and investments you make in your business. It brings clarity to your goals and the action you take to turn them into accomplishments.

Illuminate Your Growth Investment Plan

“What” and “how” are critical elements of any business strategy – but “why” creates the foundation of clarity and alignment that integrates your company mission, the lessons you’ve learned, the goals you’ve set, and the business you’re building with the work you really want to do and the life you truly want to live.

What comes next for your business?

How are you investing in growing your company?


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