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Energetic Intelligence: Demystifying Time Management

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Time is money–but what if I told you managing your energy is the real key to unlocking unparalleled productivity in your business?

We may all have the same twenty-four hours in a day, but when you feel most focused, how much energy you have, when you have it, what drains you, and what you need to recoup, varies from person to person. Sometimes, even day-to-day.

The key to sustainable success lies in understanding your unique rhythm—your personal Introversion/Extroversion Ratio. It’s the game-changer that shapes the systems you create, the steps you implement, and how you show up to lead your company.


The Power of Your Introversion / Extroversion Ratio

Imagine a sliding scale where everyone navigates between our most extroverted and introverted selves. Your energetic needs are as unique as your fingerprint, and they can vary day-to-day, week-to-week, season-to-season, along with the demands on your time and energy.

For extreme extroverts, being “on” and interacting with a group for hours on end is a breeze; a brief moment alone afterwards is enough to refill their cup.

Meanwhile, hours of fully on, engaged group interaction can be utterly depleting for a profound introvert, leaving them exhausted and possibly needing days to recover their energetic baseline. 

Most of us live somewhere between these two extremes, but understanding the dramatic differences can redefine how you approach time management and productivity.

Most time management strategies fall short because they don’t consider what energizes or depletes your unique energy and attention. To beat burnout and maximize productivity, your schedule should align with your Introversion/Extroversion Ratio.


Energetic Intelligence At Work

Many of my Catapult clients find that after any task that requires them to put on their “public face”–think internal team meetings, coffee dates, client lunches, or structured networking circles–they typically need a similar amount of quiet time to restore their focus and energy. 

It’s also totally normal to experience ebbs and flows in what you need to feel resourced and ready to go. Personally, I need about an hour of alone time to get me back to equilibrium in these cases. It used to be about half an hour, but I’ve found that as my husband and I plan and prepare for a major move, I need a little more time and space to get grounded than I used to. 

On the other hand, if I’m on stage giving an hour-long speech and need to be present and available for questions and conversations with participants for another hour after, I know that I’ll need at least four to five hours of alone time to reset. 

The challenge is that many business owners aren’t aware of these needs, are unsure how to support themselves fully, or believe they don’t have the time.

Here’s the answer: If you want to manage your time so that you can be your most productive and effective, your schedule has to accommodate your Introversion/Extroversion Ratio. 


Uncovering Your Personal Introversion / Extroversion Ratio

If you want to understand your personal Introversion/Extroversion Ratio, you need to look at what you need in terms of ON time (external/output) and IN time (internal/input).

  • Renewal Time: Determine how much time you need to restore yourself for every ten minutes engaged with others.
  • Energy-Intensive Tasks: Identify tasks or activities that require more energy than your typical ON time.
  • Recovery Time: Calculate how much renewal time you need after energy-intensive tasks.

For instance, an hour-long meeting might actually require 90 minutes to ensure you have the space to recharge. 

Welcome to room to breathe.

As your needs evolve, so should your approach. It’s perfectly normal; in fact, it’s a testament to your growth. What restored you yesterday might need a tweak tomorrow. Adaptability is key.


Restore, Renew, Refuel

Take it to the next level by creating a list of activities that renew and refill your cup. After draining tasks, commit to scheduling a restorative activity. 

For me that might look like taking the dogs out for a walk, getting comfy and reading a good book, or lying around scrolling TikTok for a while. There are even some business admin tasks that actually help me reset in the same way. 

As someone who is more extroverted than introverted, connecting with a friend or client can also fill up my energy bank, even if I used it up by leading a class or having a sales conversation. 

Understanding your personal energy dynamics empowers you to do more than just manage your time, it positions you to thrive while delivering exceptional support to clients and your business.

This self-awareness in action strategically protects your professional productivity and your personal well-being all at once.


Demystifying Time Management

Making time work for you is an essential element of stepping up as the CEO your company needs you to be.

Be honest with yourself about what depletes you. Spend some time sitting with what refuels and energizes you. Then build a schedule that not only meets the demands on your energy and attention, but actively restores and resources you.

Personal productivity unlocked.


Cultivate More Alignment, More Impact, and More ROI

Hi, I’m Dana. As a high-performance business strategist and private consultant, I’ve been building businesses and mentoring industry leaders for over four decades. 

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