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Unconventional Thinking: The Brain Science Behind Business Breakthroughs

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I like to let my mind wander down unexpected pathways.

Let’s see if this rings a bell:

After your typical morning routine – and grabbing a fresh cup of coffee, of course – you sit down at your desk, ready to tackle the day.

You click to open your inbox, but it takes a little longer to load than usual, so you wonder why they call it “Outlook” anyway…

…Is it because you’re looking out into the internet to get your email, or simply a metaphor about my outlook on life?

…What is my outlook on life anyway? 

…… is it supposed to rain today? I don’t want to take the dog for a walk in the rain. I’ll have to give him a bath after to get him clean, and then clean the bathroom because I bathed the dog…

…Do we still have dog shampoo or should I pick some up on my way home?

At this point, you zone back in and realize that your inbox has been patiently waiting while you wandered off into your own thoughts. 

You may even berate yourself for wasting precious time – but was it really a waste?


Why Daydreaming Leads to Business Breakthroughs

A lot of folks discount daydreaming, but it is actually a highly effective personal practice. Truly out-of-the-box solutions to tough problems are found by wandering off the beaten path, and daydreaming is one of the most meandering, creative experiences humans have.

Have you ever had a brilliant business breakthrough while belting out your favorite song in the shower?

Had a lightning flash “AHA!” moment about your latest passion project while you were zoned out washing the dishes?

Or practically felt the pieces “click” on a workflow issue you’ve been troubleshooting for weeks – while you’re out walking the dog in your sweatpants before bed?

There’s a reason these lightbulb moments happen when you take a break and stop trying to create a solution or “make it happen.” Because when you take a break, so does the part of your brain that’s been striving to do whatever it is you’ve set out to achieve, and a different part of your brain takes over.


Behind the Scenes of Your Brilliant Mind

When you’re working on solving a problem, completing that project, or any other specific undertaking, your “task-positive network,” or TPN, keeps you focused on the job at hand. 

When you take a break, your brain stops running your TPN and switches to your “default mode network,” or DMN, which is active when you’re resting or daydreaming. 

Your DMN also plays an important role in episodic memory, or long-term memory and the context of recollected experiences. This is where things get even more interesting. Your DMN can access memories and details that your task-focused brain can’t. 

When you take a break, you change gears and open a mental doorway to information, ideas, and perspectives that aren’t available when your TPN is engaged. Even though you aren’t consciously working on that particular problem or task or idea, your DMN is drawing connections and innovating possibilities. 

In a world that is constantly connected and moving at a rapid-fire pace, daydreaming is often associated with laziness or a lack of motivation, but science and personal experience have proven that my wandering mind allows me to think about things a little differently.


What Comes Next? Let Your Brain Set Your Business Apart.

A while back, I found myself pursuing another wandering thought:

Being someone that people know, like and trust isn’t enough anymore. I mean, if people only do business with those they know, like and trust, and we all are trying to be someone who fits those qualities, how do you distinguish yourself and make your company stand out?

Revolutionary ideas are often simple ones – but that doesn’t mean they can’t change lives. The problem is, once a revolutionary idea becomes mainstream it stops having the impact it once had.

When the “know, like, trust” philosophy became mainstream, it set a new bar. 

Now, those things are expected – and you don’t get credit for meeting the minimum expectation. Think about staying at a hotel. What is the number one thing you expect? A clean room. Do you celebrate when the room you walk into at a hotel is clean? No. 

But, would you complain if it wasn’t?

So, how will you come up with the next “know, like, trust” level breakthrough for your own business?

I suggest giving your mind freedom to wander.

Get out of your ordinary space and routines – mental and physical – and try doing things a little differently.


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